Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's and Recent Concert Reviews!

Readers, if you are reading this today, why? It's St. Patrick's Day. Go get drunk and enjoy a Thin Lizzy cover band. ("What I enjoy most is the pinching of the asses of the girls who do not wear green." --Chip).

But if you are reading, check out these two excerpts from recent concert reviews.

Once again, the Pitch opted not to cover the hippest show in town last night (Woods/Real Estate), but instead sent Nick Spac.k to cover Omaha's Digital Leather at the Replay:

"Unfortunately, I was distracted throughout much of their set by a very fucked up young lady who was shuffling and dancing all over the bar. After attempting to give several male patrons unwanted lap dances, and losing her coat, she was eventually hauled away in a fireman's carry by someone who obviously knew her."

Chip: "Is there such a thing as an 'unwanted' lap dance from a very drunk young lady?"

Richard: "The 'fireman's carry' is the standard technique used to take women home from the Replay and is sometimes also known as the 'caveman rescue.'"

But Digital Leather wasn't the only local concert this week to feature rowdy behavior. Former-Kink Ray Davies took the stage at Liberty Hall on Monday. Though local hipsters couldn't afford a ticket, the crowd nonetheless included, according to the KC rock blog Back to Rockville, an "overzealous guy in [a] goat mask with a copy of George Orwell’s famous book who kept screaming for “Animal Farm.”

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