Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hipster Pick of the Day / Style Scout!

If you're a true Larryville citizen, you've probably partied many times in "the Bull House" near the stadium, which is currently occuppied by local rockers Fourth of July. But, for the rest of the public, tonight is your chance. Ten bucks will get you a seat in the "bohemian enclave" ( for a house concert by Omaha folkie Simon Joyner.

Chip: "This is the only venue I can think of that's scarier than the Replay."

Richard: "Does the ten dollars include free weed?"


We haven't checked in with Style Scout for several weeks because it's been unusually dull, but Katy Seib.l is back today with a couple of intriguing subjects.

First is Alex Ward, Chip's friend from Forttt Scottt (seriously) and member of local up-and-coming rock act Noise FM, who is often told that he looks like "Peter Petrelli from “Heroes"...Johnny Depp, Peter Pan and slightly sleazy actors in general." He describes his fashion style as "Preppy indie rock, but more Britt Daniel of Spoon than Vampire Weekend." As you can see from the picture, Alex was scouted at a local laundromat: "I've got a washer and dryer; I just like to watch things spin around."

Alex's Style Scout on, which just appeared today, has already been commented upon by none other than local stripper Anna Undercover, who responds with "Cute guy alert!"

Must be nice to be a rock star, Alex!

Ladies, is he fashionable, or isn't he? (and remember that he will probably read this blog!).

Then there's Lyda Kendrick, 27, less quirky on the whole but we're intrigued by the "secret" she reveals to the Scout:

"I don’t know if the underwear I have on belong to my mother or my sister, but I don’t think they’re mine."

Chip: "Gross. But yet that secret gave me a boner?"


beth said...

He totally looks like that guy from Heroes!

His clothes are fine, but I do question him being "style scouted" for wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I think Katy agreed with the stripper and just thought he was cute.

please scout me, Katy said...

Yeah, I think the "Scout" is more about attitude (and hipness) than it is about fashion.

has anyone seen my huge yellow belt? said...

Wow...shocked at two attractive and fairly stylish people being scouted by the Style Scout. I think it's the jacket that elevates the ensemble. Plus, compared to the other sartorial choices made by those normally profiled in this section, he looks like he's ready for the Oscars!

Mindi said...

Adorable, but totally scouted because he's adorable. Nice smile. Nice eyes. Really cute. Really Kip's friend? I need to make it back to Lawrence more often.

The jeans fit (not unattractively tight in inappropriate places).

I've never seen Heroes, so I'll leave that evaluation to Beth.

Mindi said...

Oh, and if I can make a request for your other blog, you should totally review The White Ribbon. Creepy blonde German children and no soundtrack.

nog on film said...

White Ribbon just started at Liberty Hall and I hope to see it within the next few days.

And, yes, Chip knows Noise FM (they're Forttt Scottt folks). He's now moving in some true hipster circles!