Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Concert Reviews / Geek Photo of the Week / Tuesday's Lost Coverage

The boys didn't make it to the Xiu Xiu show at the Jackpot last night, but luckily the Pitch's Ian Hr.be was on hand to cover the gig:

"Xiu Xiu...was nothing but suburban angst personified, and I can't believe it took me so long to realize that frontman Jamie Stewart is effectively the Morrissey for the modern age."

King Tosser: "Doubtful."

"[One song] featured -- I shit you not -- a goddamned Nintendo DS as a primary instrument. It's an incredibly powerful song, and to watch Stewart singing it with absolute conviction all while pressing a stylus to a Game Boy was pretty incredible. And watching two x-handed kids do an interpretive dance to the song in the middle of the club was pretty spectacular, too."

Chip: "If by 'spectacular,' he means depressing, then I agree."

Here's Hr.be's photo of this moment (click to enlarge), which reveals that the hipsters were studiously avoiding the kids' interpretive dance (Chip: "Indeed, it IS best not to encourage them.").


Geeks from near and far converged on KC last weekend for the Planet Comicon convention (Richard dressed as a Cylon this year!).

Here's a picture from the Pitch's slideshow that shows five Boba Fetts arresting a Supergirl:

Captain Chanute: "I get the feeling that everyone involved, including (and perhaps especially) Supergirl, is living out one of their greatest masturbation fantasies."


Lost fans are still reeling over last week's revelations, which reduced the show to a fairly standard good vs. evil religious parable that most geeks guessed somewhere around the end of Season One. Even so, has any other television show ever produced the level of intellectualism regarding religion, philosophy, and science that this show has inspired over the years? Tonight's Lost episode, "The Package," is centered on Jin and Sun. Let's see what kind of intelligence is found in today's AICN talkback:

Miyamoto_Musashi says: "Always good to see more Sun, hottest Lostie for me, (yes obsessed with Asia girls), have seen bits of her this season so far but clearly not enough."


Capt. Chanute said...

Not that I'd ever attend the Xiu Xiu show in any context, but the Morrissey comment may be a bit true. From the description, I would use Morrissey's own lyrics (a bit modified) to say that Xiu Xiu seems to be the heir of a antisociability that is criminally vulgar. A demonstration of his desire to be loved, just like everybody else? Who knows. I would have rather played Nintendo than listen.

And, I will definitely replay the SuperGirl and 5 Boba Fetts in my gang bang fantasy later.

Lando said...

Yeah, I almost attributed a gangbang joke to your character! But then I softened it a bit.

New band name: Supergirl and the Five Boba Fetts.

Capt. Chanute said...

Newer band name: Supergirl and 5 the Premature Ejaculators Dressed as Boba Fett