Friday, March 19, 2010

Hipster Pick of the Day: Rooftop Vigilantes at the Replay / Local Band Photo of the Week / March Madness Coverage!

Richard himself has never actually seen the Vigilantes (though he's seen at least eleven bands featuring various members of the Vigilantes), but we still enjoy giving them a lot of press here at the LC. We're not alone, though. The Boston Phoenix recently voted them Kansas' best band in their "50 States/50 Bands" poll:

"Out of a kinetic scene in Lawrence, the head of the class at the moment is the raucous Rooftop Vigilantes. Defiantly sloppy Midwestern rock, à la the Replacements— for whom they have an understandable boner, and whose “Can’t Hardly Wait” is in their repertoire — the RVs traffic in 100-second hook-laden punk-pop drive-bys, ascendant with a maniacal “Runaway” Farfisa organ that adds Del Shannon–ish flavor."

Richard: "Fifty bucks says they do a cover of the 'Mats 'Alex Chilton' tonight in tribute to yesterday's fallen hipster hero. Also, I love all reviews that feature prominent use of the word 'boner.'"

In other local hipster news, features an intriguing photo of another beloved local band: Fourth of July. King Tosser claims that Fourth of July has the sexiest fans in town, but it's a bit hard to understand that assertion based on the picture (which we assume is an ironic take on family photos):


After an ugly first half, the Hawks dispatched Lehigh's Mountain Hawks easily enough in the first round of the tournament, busting Chip's bracket all to hell.

Our favorite on-line talkback quote of the day goes to "bbeckum," who says:

"This is exactly what I would expect from a team picked to win by a socialist president. Jeeze: distribute the points. Pass the basketball. Play team defense (in the second half). Next thing you know, they'll be playing a zone--the ultimate expression of collectivism."

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