Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Week in Local Legislation / Hipster of the Week! / Style Scout

The state House of Representatives has now approved a bill to allow students to carry concealed weapons on college campuses:

Do the boys approve?

Chip: "Finally, students will have a means of defending themselves against KU's liberal brainwashing."

Richard: "I don't necessarily approve, but I'm certainly not willing to go in unarmed against a group of students who are possibly packing heat. Anybody have recommendations for a nice firearm?"


In this important new series, we'll be showcasing each week a local hipster who is making a difference in our community. Our first subject is Mr. Gavon Laess.g, prominent podcaster and writer for Gavon's primary responsibility for Larryville's chief guide to hipsterism seems to be finding and posting videos of cats doing hilarious things. Check out this startled kitty which Gavon has titled "OMG Cat":

But Gavon also finds time to write exhaustive personal stories that often feature pictures of himself shirtless, such as a recent piece about his chestwaxing and this week's account of his attempt to eat five rice-bowls as part of an eating challenge at Larryville's new Japanese noodle shop, DonDon (Chip: "How many fucking noodle shops does this town have?"):

Readers, if you know of a local hipster who merits inclusion in this series (or if you think you may be such a hipster yourself), please send us details.


In today's Style Scout, we meet Chris Lovely, who describes his wardrobe as "Mad Men" meets Harvey Birdman" and his style as "Mr. Rogers chic." His current favorite fashion trend is "Argyle everything": "Never underestimate a man in a nice sweater."

So, is he fashionable, or isn't he?


conan (barbarian) meets conan (o'brien) said...

Why is it that every time I read the "Scouted"'s list of sartorial style influences, I always have to insert a "Just Not Today" at the end of it?

Oh that's right - it's because these people are either delusional or the Style Scout is just making up ridiculous captions for these people in a subtle satirical jab at "Sidewalk Reporting".

they are delusional said...

I truly believe they are convinced of these things.

The Scout would not trick me!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please keep showing us shirtless men with rice bowls. It just doesn't get any better than this.

what about? said...

Would you also enjoy a picture of a shirtless Chip eating chicken-fried steak? (the gravy tends to get stuck in his chest hair).

Capt. Chanute said...

I spent a good many hours of my undergrad career watching Harvey Birdman. A fine, well-produced comedy about a man--that is also a bird--struggling through the corporate law world making ends meet and absorbing the daily jabs of office mates like Peter Potamus and his boss, Sebben. Granted, the marijuana really enhanced the experience. I mean, a lot. But it's a good show. And this kid is a shit head. Nowhere close to cool enough to claim Birdman as an influence. Style Scout victims just say what they think will get giggles out of their friends. Kind of like what I do on this blog. Pathetic bastard.

Mindi said...

I think the focus of this article should be the dog. Clearly, the dog is the best part.

He just looks like a dude.