Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Week in Local Sports: Bud Light "Fan Cans" / Recent Concert Reviews / The Boys' Consider Other Hipster Websites

In time for football season, Bud Light is distributing special "fan cans" to college towns across the nation. The cans, as you might guess, come in the colors of the various colleges. KU's athletics department, however, is less than pleased with the crimson and blue Bud Lights. Associate athletics director Jim Marchiony says: "“We wrote to Anheuser-Busch requesting that they not move forward with that project...I think the major issue is that it appeals to what we think is a large number of underage drinkers. We think that’s a mistake on Anheuser-Busch’s part" (LJ-World).

What do the boys think?

Richard: "We're dealing here with kids who get shitfaced at daybreak while tailgating for the season's early games. I hardly think the color of the cans will play a large role in how much they consume. As for me, I'll stick to PBR, whose cans are always delightfully and unchangingly red, white, and blue."

Chip: "I detest Bud Light, but I love KU. I've stocked up on several cases and after each one I crush the can against my forehead and yell 'Rip his fucking head, off!'"


The boys were unable to make it to the Beaumont for the recent Lee "Scratch" Perry show, but the Pitch's Wayward Blog offers this take on the state of the current music scene:

"I retreated to the outside part of the Beaumont Club, where there were $1 Schlitz drafts and a bigger crowd for kickball than there was for the 73-year-old reggae legend inside. Pretty sad."

Chip: "What's 'reggae?'"


The LC is not your only source on the web for hipster-related news. The website Stuff Hipsters Hate (www.stuffhipstershate.tumblr.com/) is, of course, a blatant rip-off of Stuff White People Like. Although it's definition of the term "hipster" seems even more variable than ours and its three times less funny, you might learn a few things there, such as why hipsters hate Lady Gaga:

"Lady Gaga is like some kind of plastic pop-‘bot, vomiting up slick licks from an undoubtedly limited chasm of treacle. I’d make the “poke-her-in-the-face joke,” but that’s totes played-out. Shit. Now that song is totally stuck in my head. Quick, someone put on some Animal Collective and eradicate that barely warmed-over hot mess from my cranium."

Much better is the site called Look at This Fucking Hipster (www.latfh.com). We've discussed it here before, and it gets old pretty quick, but it's still your best bet for the occasional gem such as this:

Chip: "Are they calling their girlfriends?"


resident comment genius said...

N.ggle...start a site called "Look At This Fucking Hipster's Text From Last Night". I won't even ask for royalties.

last night's hipster text said...

"Come 2 Replay. Drakkar Sauna on at midnite!!"

EW said...

I can't figure out if that Stuff Hipsters Hate (not to be confused with Stuff Hipsters Don't Like, at wordpress) is anti- or pro-hipster. Not that I'm advocating for an all-out war, but I'm confused. Dude sez he doesn't own a tv, then he says the L train sucks b/c he's stuck on it under plaid-clad armpits. These are contradictory statements in a hipster's manifesto. Nothing trumps armpits.

definitely not a hipster, at least most of the time said...

Isn't confusion over being pro- or anti-hipster part of the beauty and nuance of being a hipster? Just look at N.ggle and this blog!

once a hipster, always a hipster said...

PBR is a hard habit to break.