Friday, September 4, 2009

This Week in Local Music News / Plus, The Boys' Consider the New "Road Hawks" Website

The best-selling local album in Larryville history, and arguably the most influential, is getting a ten year re-release on Tuesday. Yes, it's the Get Up Kids' Something to Write Home About, and if you were an emo-kid or a hipster in Larryville ten years ago the record has surely been the soundtrack to many a lonely night spent writing bitter love poetry and not getting laid (emo kids) or drinking too many PBR's and not getting laid (hipsters). The Kids' will embark on a 39-city tour which kicks off this month.

Chip: "Emo remains my favorite genre of music, aside from blipcore. It just speaks to my melancholy nature."

Richard: "I can't wait until we get to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the first Transmittens' record. By then, I can only imagine their influence will be so pervasive that nearly every band plays toy instruments and has at least one song about 'sparklemittens.'"


The KUsports website has developed a new interweb guide to KU's road games with advice or where to stay and what to eat when following the team. You can check it out here:

Let's take a look at local sports commentator Chuck's thoughts on Colombia, Missouri.

"Always the most dreaded trip of the year. Why? Because you have to drive to the home of Missouri University on I-70. I’d rather eat glass than drive on this outdated, underfunded, truck-clogged interstate."

Chip: "Well, he got that part right, but his mistake is going on to list various places to dine and shop once you get there. We all know that, when heading to Colombia or Manhattan, the only reasonable strategy is to get in and get out, like a military operation, because the people there hate us and we hate them. Oh, sure, Colombia has a Quinton's in it, but the titties there are not nearly so nice as the titties here. I recommend you go to the website of the Larryville Q's and watch the slideshow. I saw in it!"

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