Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recent Adventures / Local Sports Photo of the Week!

On rare occasions, we like to offer our readers the tawdry details of what actually happens in local bars as the boys Chronicle their way around town.

It seems that Henry's Upstairs, especially, can be counted on for strange incidents. Our readers may recall a recent outing in which Richard was mistaken for someone "rich, smart, and fatherly." Well, last night he was mistaken for someone named Bill.

Yes, Richard was simply trying to have a quiet drink with friends when a strange woman suddenly appeared, draped herself around him, and insisted his name was Bill. Readers, she seemed outrageously pleased to see this "Bill," and Richard hated to disabuse her of that notion. By the time the misunderstanding began to become clear, we had all become fast friends and the woman stuck around to explain to Richard and company how her husband had left her for a 26-year old and her son had diabetes (during this long tale, she proclaimed herself to be "half-drunk," but it may have actually been more like three-quarters). And while Richard himself may have had no prior contact with the woman, it was soon discovered that Richard's friend, an East Side community organizer, had once attended a "dog party" with her, whatever that meant.

Later, at the Replay, Richard witnessed a singer-songwriter from Nebrasa performing a series of songs about "banging" his girlfriend ("I'm so glad we met, I'm so glad we fucked"), followed by a band called Labretta Suede and the Motel 6, who had come all the way from New Zealand to titillate us. Here's Labretta:


Chip only allows himself to be photographed at a distance, so we can't absolutely PROVE this is him in a red t-shirt cavorting with the Duke Blue Devil mascot outside the stadium at today's football game. But it really is him! (click to enlarge)


attack of the 50 foot stockings! said...

I demand the pictures of Labretta and Chip be photoshopped together!

(Perhaps a mini Kip dancing at the feet of Labretta, like the midgets in Spinal Tap or a giant Labretta threatening Chip and the rest of the Jayhawk fans with her massive midriff!)

demanding readers said...

Still waiting on that photoshop!