Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Changing Face of Larryville: Vermont Street BBQ Slated to Close on Sunday / Also: A "Fracas" Becomes a "Feud!"

In spite of (or perhaps because of?) its proximity to one of America's great barbecue cities, Larryville has never managed to develop much of a barbecue culture of its own, although a few spots have made a name for themselves with various demographics. Biggs caters to the fratty crowds. Biemer's (the true best in town) appeals to the working class. And Vermont Street, after leaving its original home on said street to open a spot along Mass, became the go-to spot for hipsters (who don't actually care much for barbecue but enjoyed the PBR specials).

But the venue is closing this Sunday (reportedly not because it is failing finanically but simply so its owner can pursue other interests), and an as-yet-unspecified new restaurant will soon take over the location.

Chip: "I predict another fucking noodle house will move in. But I hope it's something corporate, like a nice Chili's, my personal favorite place to get my ribs on."

Richard: "Despite the statements of the owner, one can only imagine they have lost at least some business to Dempsey's Burger Stand, which certainly seems to be attracting the same kind of hipster who likes to believe he/she is a bit of a foodie because they've sampled the sweet-potato fries at every joint in town."

Chip: "I went to Dempsey's once and they asked me if I wanted some 'granny smith apple chutney' on my burger. I've rarely been so confused."

Richard: "It's overrated. I prefer Five Guys Burgers and Fries, mainly because it's a well-known Obama-approved chain."

Chip: "I tried that place too, and my burger tasted suspiciously of socialism."


Initial reports of the KU football vs. basketball players' brawl on campus were termed a "fracas" by the LJ-World, but today's paper has upgraded the incident to a "feud," perhaps because the first night's fight led to a smaller rumpus the next morning. With national news sources latching on to the story and Tyshawn Taylor updating his Facebook page with frequent status messages such as this powerful statement he cribbed from Li'l Wayne: "Niggaz be muggin' me, you know I'm muggin' back.", the event has become quite the circus.

LJ-World sports opinion columnist Tom Keegan offers a bold challenge to Coach Self today calling for Taylor's suspension:

"KU football coach Mark Mangino has shown time and time again he doesn’t care how much talent a player has when doling out suspensions (Aqib Talib, Dezmon Briscoe). Can the same be said of basketball coach Bill Self? Not if Taylor doesn’t get suspended."

Chip: "Look, KU basketball has a long history of allowing its stars to do whatever they want without consequences, such as Collins whipping out the old johnson and waving it around on an elevator. There's no reason to start punishing people now for what was clearly just a good old-fashioned smackdown involving the honor of a young lady. In fact, it should help create just the kind of 'hostile' atmosphere Mangino has called for in press conferences."

Richard: "Exactly. And I'm headed out now to purchase the new shirt which Joe College has already prepared: 'HAWK FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL: "Can't We All Just Get Along?'"


who needs the whole rib? said...

If you haven't tried VSB's rib tips yet, get there before Sunday. Tasty!

a hipster said...

I go for the PBR specials.

This burger tastes suspiciously of socialism said...

I've never tried 5 guys, but I'll keep my eyes out for the next opportunity.

I blame Kip for VSB's failure. said...

You know if they just hung the sign that said: "Will sponsor you kickball team," there would already be a second VSB. Oh Lawrence, you petty bitch, how I rue you.

--Oh well, hipsters don't eat food; they just freeze a can of Blatz and cut off slices they call 'liquid bread.'