Monday, September 21, 2009

The Boys Consider The Big 12 Cheerleader Rankings!

Sure, it's great to have a powerhouse football team in Larryville again, but we must also have cheerleaders that are hot enough to keep everyone properly excited ("and horny"--Chip). Luckily, considers KU's cheerleaders the 3rd hottest in the Big 12, following Texas and Oklahoma State. We highly recommend the site's amusing commentary on each school's cheerleaders, such as these thoughts on Oklahoma State:

"It's rumored that oil tycoon and Okie State patriarch T. Boone Pickens hand-selects his cheerleaders from the world's hottest bevies, soaking them in bourbon sauce and aging them in oak barrels for several months before trotting them out for big showdowns. Their wood-and-jerky infused aroma is irresistible to players hailing from south of the Mason-Dixon."

Perhaps Cl.thier will write in and let us know if this is true.

The site doesn't make quite clear whether the rankings are solely based on hotness or whether personality and general sluttiness are factored in, but we're certainly proud of the ranking, if somewhat embarrassed by the site's implication that star quarterback Reesing only likes to bang older women instead of the nubile ladies on the field. The site even includes the following picture:

Chip: "The site may imply that he prefers women such as this, but the truth, as most of us know, is that our local sports stars slowly and methodically bang their way through EVERY woman in town."


cl.thier said...

'Tis true indeed. To this day Emily still smells of wood and jerky!

(And famed basketball coach Bill S.lf just so happened to marry the captain of the OSU cheerleading squad.)

Clothier: luckiest SOB ever said...

That's the most sensuous thing I have ever read.

--I will sport this boner until the end of days

nog said...

I have a feeling Dr. X is back!

An argument for k.. eh, Chip! said...


Are you saying fucking Chip would have not said/ thought/ thinks the same thing after reading that boner-endusing comment from the Cloth? Shit, I'm surprised the Cloth lets Lil Bone Kipboy sit anywhere near Em at his shows for fear that he may follow her into the YC restroom on another of his 'spirited restroom field investigations'.

Says Chip: "How am I ever supposed to learn the difference between Bill S*lf and women if I don't look?"

And while he is correct, he should save those excursions for his monthly visit to the Omaha Zoo where he can not only watch the monkeys fling poo but also discuss the differences in their anatomy with the local elderly docents (who will go out with him to Rusty's after their shift ends and before Bingo and Matlock).