Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recent Adventures: East Side Edition

Having long ago deemed his own neighborhood to be dull, Richard has for some time been a dues-paying member of the East Side Neighborhood Association, enabling him to attend their many wacky events, such as "dog parties" and block picnics.

Last night's annual block party attracted the usual mix of eccentrics and local celebrities, and Richard made the most of his opportunity to speak directly to figures such as Drakkar Sauna's Jeff Stoltz ("Your song "Debut of the Tambourine Shoe" really moves me and you pour an excellent beer at the Replay.") and former mayor "Boog" Highberger ("I totally supported Dada Day.") and that dude who hosts The Turnpike ("Why don't you ever feature any good bands on your show, like the Transmittens?").

While we chatted and drank multi-flavored Shasta from a canoe full of ice, a host of neighborhood musicians entertained us, highlighted by the long-anticipated debut of King Tosser's (surprisingly funky!) The Leotards, featuring the Tosser on guitar, his friend Stephanie on lead vocals, and a drum machine (named Irving?). Their songs about Kate Winslet certainly gave us all a boner, and Richard was pleased to serve as one of the two official photographers of the debut (photo below).

Later, in a miraculous moment (which some thought was rigged by a local minister), Richard won a raffle for a pair of Dirty Projectors tickets, declaring it "the best thing that ever happened to anyone on the East Side." His odds, however, were pretty good, since only two people had bought a raffle ticket for that particular prize (sorry, Darren!).

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