Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Boys Consider the Current Top Five Submissions in KU's T-Shirt Slogan Competition! / Campus Photo of the Week: Runaway Bus!

The UDK is seeking suggestions for a new T-shirt slogan and here are the five top contenders at the moment, along with a bit of commentary:

1) "Game Day: Kan U Handle It?"

Chip: "Too punny and sounds like a text message. Fail."

2) "We Walk the Walk and Rock the Chalk"

Chip: "I think we should develop some sort of special 'jayhawk walk' if we choose this one."

3) "Kansas: A School in a Plains State That's Plain Better."

Richard: "This sounds like a bad Depression-era political slogan."

4) "Heed the Hawk"

Chip: "I like the alliteration and direct address, but it sounds too polite. I vote for 'Heed the Hawk, Bitches!"

5) Rock Chalk Title Talk

Richard: "Sounds just dumb enough to win the contest."


In an odd incident on Tuesday, a driverless KU on Wheels bus rolled into the (off-route) Biological Survey Building while its driver was (according to LJ-World speculation) inside using the bathrooms favored by KU bus drivers. Neither of the students on board were injured and the LJ-World offers this insight into their outlook on the incident:

"Both students who had been on the bus apparently were anxious to catch another bus, so that they could make it to class on time, Kaiser [assistant director of KU Parking and Transit] said. As far as he knows, the students made it."


cl.thier said...

I sure hope I scored a cameo in Mac Lethal's work!

cheers to mac said...

The LC hopes to hire him for all our frat-boy satirical needs!

cl.thier said...

What, and ignore the resident frat boy in your midst?! I'm hurt.

satire hurts said...

Man, how do you think I feel? As a hipster, I'm lampooned here every day!

cl.thier said...

No, I'll write the satire!

point 'em out, point 'em out! said...

I'm 90% sure I recognized at least one former student in Mac's video.

strange but true said...

Alas, as the token frat guy on the Comment page, I have to point out that Mac Lethal has somehow confused "tanned douchebag Jersey guy" with "frat guy". (Perhaps they are one in the same at Rutgers, but it's been a while since I've lived on the East Coast, so I can't be sure.)

So, I'll provide you with this (very true) tidbit of frat guy prose, from an application for Greek Man of the Year.

Among the myriad lessons greek life has instilled in me, one stands resoundingly clear: bro's must always and forever, come before ho's. The age-old adage is rarely given much merit, but once its inherent sexism and bro-ness are peeled back, its implications are truly paramount to any greek member (I use the gender-neutral term of "greek member," because, in the case of sorority members, the ho's are the ones that come before the bro's)

Existing in the greek community, or the university for that matter, means falling subject to fierce passions driven by hormones, teeming and swirling beneath the surface of every adolescent student. Everything is magnified through the eyes of a college student - every breakup, devastating: every hawk visit, ecstasy inducing. In such ardor, it is often easy to lose sight of what is truly important - your friends.


strange but true cont. said...

Regardless of what any greek member will cite as his or her reasons for "going greek," beneath it all is a longing for camaraderie - camaraderie that will endure even the darkest of nights in the boom-boom room. This is what I have learned, and what I truly cherish. So, the next time someone tells you, "Bro's before ho's," be thankful that you can reply with endearment, "True that, bro. True that."


After my formative year of greek life, I hope to become more of an active and vital member of the Greek Community. I think respect between chapters is crucial to the solidarity of the Greek Community, and I hope to improve relations among chapters by hosting open events at my fraternity, and by maintaining a cordial disposition towards other chapter members. Moreover, I hope to become an IFC representative in the near future. My final, and foremost, goal for Greek Community involvement: I hope to improve relations between greek and independent [GDI]* students. By continuing to treat independents with the utmost respect, and by maintaining my integrity, I hope to promote a more positive and cohesive relationship between both groups.

*Ed. note: "GDI" stands for "God Damn Independents"

Greek Man of the Year said...

I certainly hope that he won, because I find myself quite moved!

Chip: "Every trip to the Hawk IS ecstasy-inducing!"

A notable he/ she said...

The fuck you people talking about?