Monday, August 31, 2009

The LC's Photo of the Week!

In a very unexpected turn of events, yesterday's kickball championship trophy was awarded not to the Eastsiders, Pita Pit, First Blood, or Love Garden, but to...Richard, whose comprehensive coverage of the season was deemed a far greater feat than any of the drunken buffoonery on the fields.

Richard: "I'd like to dedicate this to the Eastsiders. Also, I hope that Katy Seib.l sees this picture, because I think she'd be very impressed."

Chip: "This may be the single greatest blog picture since the one of me flying a kite with that old man in a park."


you should see my "trophy"! said...

Wow, N.ggle...your hipster cred just went through the roof!

(Or did it plummet? I'm not exactly sure how hipster cred works, or whether it's better to have a lot of cred or little cred in the hipster world, or if cred only counts if it's cred one didn't care about earning in the first place, and if said cred is then ridiculed by the cred earner as being worthless and unwanted, only helping to further increase the supposedly worthless cred's worth. I don't know how these hipsters do it.)

the champ said...

Judging from the relatively weak spectacle of last night's championship (only a few streakers? dull!), local kickball culture is fast losing some of its luster. Or perhaps it was just that most everyone just couldn't leave the Replay, which was simultaneously featuring the Mammoth Life performing in yellow pirate costumes.

chuck, porterhouse, ribeye said...

It seems to me that an athletic playoff, replete with trophies, runs completely counter to the hipster ethos.

Please, enlighten this non-hipster!

hipster, not a hipster said...

Hipsters enjoy giving an ironic spin to events that mainstream society seems to care about. They make a mockery of sports by performing them badly and without apparent zeal. Giving the trophy to someone not in the running for them is part of that. But of course just when something starts getting popular and seems like it might be losing its irony to carry true significance, it's time for hipsters to move on to something new.

I think.

impressed said...

I think that just about nailed it.

Do you care to do some freelance work here?

sick pig said...

Hey, are we gonna see how the swine flu epidemic is affecting life at KU? Have Nog's classes been affected? Is the sorostitute population disproportionately impacted? Q's waitresses? Do tell!

Or is it all just mass-media hype?

Chip said...

The Q's waitresses are always looking pretty "healthy" to me, if you catch my meaning. I mean I want to bang them.

Also, is back.