Monday, September 14, 2009

The Boys Attend An Arts and Craft Fair (Special Photo Blog!) / Hipster Pick of the Day

Chip: "My dislike of art is well-known, but the practical nature of 'crafts,' on the other hand, is something I find appealing. For instance, at yesterday's Fall Art Show in South Park I came across these 'microwave potato bags,' which I had been needing for some time."

Chip: "The 'funky fishing lure jewelry' was also something I couldn't resist. After I catch a five-pound bass with my purchase, it will then make an excellent Christmas gift for some lucky girl on my list."

Chip: "I didn't care for the New Age-y booths, however, as I fear they are staffed by witches. What we do in Forttt Scottt if we suspect someone of being a witch is toss her in a lake and see if she floats."

Richard: "I was disappointed that the hipster art world was completely unrepresented here. Why didn't Zaguar have a booth for his collages? And why wasn't Asteroid Head selling their Asteroid Head yearbook?"


If you're a hipster, you're probably worn out from last night's kickball party and thinking of skipping tonight's Bad Veins gig at the Replay, but surely this description from will change your mind:

"The Cincinnati duo of Benjamin Davis and Sebastien Schultz — plus a reel-to-reel tape machine named Irene — perform dense pop and rock compositions with strong beats and lots of bells and whistles."

Richard: "What's odd about that? All hipsters name their reel-to-reel tape machines. Mine is called Betty."


forttt scottt witch patrol said...

Throwing witches into lakes is an all right strategy, but I prefer lighting them on fire. If they burn, they're not witches. If they are witches, they'll be able to stop the fire, even if it was started with copious amounts of gasoline and a blowtorch. Witches are tricky!

witch friend said...

Myself, I think it's best to just be nice to witches. That way you get invited to all the best Satanic orgies!