Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today's Art Pick: Asteroid Head Sings Campfire Songs! / And the LJ-World Salutes Todd Reesing!

It's sad to see the Wonder Fair's "Asteroid Head Would Like To Have a Word With You" exhibit come to a close, but local hipsters and art lovers can take comfort in the fact that the show ends with a celebration called "Asteroid Head Summer Camp Reunion & Yearbook Signing," which will feature a campfire sing-a-long led by members of Larryville's beloved Fourth of July.

Richard: "There's just something moving about one of our town's best bands uniting the art and hipster world, and I like to imagine the evening will end with us all holding hands and singing along to the Fourth's 'She's in Love,' a song every hipster worth his or her PBR knows by heart:

"She’s in love with a photograph
And the idea things could last
Goddamn I never thought of that
My goddamn heart is frozen in the past"

Chip: "If you take your above statement and replace the word 'moving' with the word 'sickening,' then I totally agree."


Today's LJ-World offers a surprisingly well-written piece with the obnoxious title of "Being Reesing: The curious, glamorous, wacky and utterly unbelievable world of one of Lawrence’s most famed residents."

Focusing on the impact of Reesing's fame on his childhood friends and the spread of said fame into the larger world of pop culture (Li'l Wayne name-checks him in a song!), the article offers an incisive look into the cult of celebrity that attaches itself to our local scholar-athletes.

Chip: "The only thing wrong with the article is that it attempts to convey the true feel of Reesing's life without a single use of the word 'pussy.'"

True enough, but it does include a nice quote from one of Reesing's childhood pals regarding our hero's success with "shapely coeds": "It's like he's fishing with dynamite" (LJ-World).

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