Sunday, September 13, 2009

Take the Hipsters Bowling* / Hipster Pick of the Day: Kickball Party! / Ruscin Photo of the Week

At the LC, we like to keep up with hipsterism on the national scale as well as the local, and a recent NY-Times piece offers a fascinating profile of a hipster bowling alley in New Jersey (apparently hipsters do play other 'sports' as well, so long as they are very beer-friendly sports). Here's an excerpt:

"...this appealingly scruffy hall...blends its old-school amenities (skeevy bathroom included) and hipster credentials (a D.J. playing 80's New Wave) with an authenticity that doesn't seem strained...The bandstand is plopped on top of the middle lanes, but you can still bowl in the outer lanes" (NY-Times).

Chip: "The authenticity seems a bit strained to me, but I'd love to bowl there once and 'accidentally' let my ball fly into one of the lanes with the stage at the end of it."

*Free PBR to the first hipster who gets the music allusion in the title of today's post.


Just when you thought local hipsters might finally shut the fuck up about kickball for at least a few weeks, along comes tonight's End of the Season kickball party at Liberty Hall. urges you to let the organizers know you're attending so they can "order enough freestate kegs and nix any potential bud light drinking."

Richard: "Wouldn't Bud Light be a step up for these PBR-swillers?"


The boys are known for their excellent dance moves, but they don't grind on local dancefloors as often as they once did. Luckily, events such as NEON (Larryville's longest-running weekly dance party) still provides a venue for Larryville's best dancers. Our local hipster-photographer A. Ruscin's weekly photo-blog on takes us right onto the dancefloor. Here's a look:

Chip: "Truly, 'the robot' never gets old."


Beth said...

I've got nothing on the "bowling" reference. You've out-hisptered me!

king of the hipsters said...

We're talking old-school hipsterism here! It's not a Transmittens song.

eurotrash girl said...

Does Camper Van Beethoven even register in the world of hipsters?

My first CVB song was "Good Guys and Bad Guys", heard on this album:

Dave Lowery is the man.

cracker said...

Did they pre-date hipsterism?

Free PBR time!

poetic license said...

Something tells me Dave Lowery and hipsters wouldn't be friends.

What the world needs now is another hipster like I need a hole in my head.

Mindi said...

I think that guy in the photo is a grad student I met here at Davis...that or all hipsters really do look the same, freakishly the same....

hipster racism said...

Oh, we all look alike to you, do we? Just because we dress alike and enjoy the same bad beers!