Friday, September 11, 2009

Rap Pick of the Day: Tech N9ne at Granada (with Big Scoob!)

Given the fact that last week's Granada rap show ended in gunfire, one might be forgiven for feeling a little nervous about tonight's performance there by KC's baddest "gangsta" rapper Tech N9ne.

N9ne's interview in the UDK this week, however, suggests that his off-stage persona is a little more tame (and, frankly, a bit dull). Here's a quote describing he and his posse's "pre-show ritual":

"We'll go to Buffalo Wild Wings and then after the show we go to Chipotle and have a margarita and a burrito bowl."

Chip: "I think 'burrito bowl' is street code for 'putting a cap' in someone's ass."

N9ne's tour partner, Big Scoob, has a Twitter site that paints a somewhat darker picture of what life is like on the mean streets:

"I jus seen a mafukas head get stumpt in! Like a melon on halloween 2 That was the shit."

Follow him at:, and the boys will see you at the show tonight.

Richard: "I'll be the guy dancing with some ho's!"


mafuka! said...

I'm not sure what "stumpt" that like "stompt" or "stompd" (notice the Modernist spelling?!) but slightly different?

And was there a cool melon scene in Halloween 2 that I'm not aware of, or is "2" short for "true", as in "true dat"? I'm really just not following that last "sentence". N.ggle - tweet Big Scoob back and get a little clarity for your readers. And ask him to improve that punctuation!

scoob's twitter follower said...

No way, man! He might serve me a burrito bowl (which means shoot me, in urban street slang!).

The Joker said...

I'm going to be so fucking obnoxious on here for a while *laughs*!