Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Boys' Book Club is Back / Also: This Week in Lynn Jenkins News!

Progressive parents in Larryville often entertain their children with scary bedtime stories featuring local villains such as Lynn Jenkins and her evil but invisible sidekick "the great white hope."

A new book on the shelves called "John Brown: His Fight for Freedom" now offers parents a heroic tale to set alongside those villains: the story of legendary local abolitionist John Brown and his raid on Harper's Ferry. Written by a KU alumnus, the 40 page illustrated book is faithful to the historical record, not glossing over "the killing of five pro-slavery settlers on Pottawatomie Creek by Brown and his sons and the fact that the first man killed during the raid at Harpers Ferry — where Brown was attempting to take over an armory — was a free black man named Shephard Hayward." (LJ-World).

Richard: "It's certainly important for young liberals to learn at an early age that sometimes killing is necessary."

Chip: "My parents mainly read to me from Pokey Little Puppy and My Pet Goat, and I think I turned out okay."


Lynn Jenkins held another health-care town hall meeting in Larryville yesterday and, although nothing has emerged as controversial as "the great white hope" comment of last week, the meeting was by all accounts eventful. Let's turn to a liberal from the LJ-World talkback to get a sense of what happened:

"While she was stalling, talking about unrelated subjects, she made divisive remarks to the effect that “they” (Pelosi, et al) are not like “us” in Kansas because they go from apartment to subway while we drive a long way to work, we drive tractors and they don't… it was divisive politics that was breathtakingly insulting. We have different opinions... having nothing to do with whether we personally take the subway or a tractor to work. This stuff may work before uneducated audiences but I doubt even they have reduced everything to something so simplistic."

Chip: "I wanted to attend this event but my tractor wouldn't start."

Here's a picture of one of Richard's former drama students giving Jenkins the "skunk-eye."

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