Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Boys Consider Various Zombie-Related Events / Plus, The LJ-World's Cute Animal Headline of the Day!

If hipsters truly love zombies, as we have often hypothesized, then these three events will surely be unmissable:

1) The opening of the new zombie-armageddon-comedy, Zombieland, on Friday

Chip: "I think I'll just wait for the inevitable cinematic adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies."

2) The annual Lawrence Zombie Walk down Mass. Street on Oct. 11:

Last year Richard found himself trapped in Harbour Lights while terrifying hipster-zombies pressed themselves against the window, perhaps craving both brains and PBR's:

3) And, most importantly, the "Adorn of the Dead" zombie-fashion show at the Replay this Saturday! This is the third in a very popular series of "Fashion Monster" events which feature local businesses and designers "presenting their own interpretation of the zombie" ( But you can participate too, hipsters: "All attendees are encouraged to come in their best zombie attire" (

One of the promoters of the event is the LC's favorite fashion blog (, and we are very much hoping that Ms. Katy Seib.l will be strutting the makeshift catwalk in (skimpy) zombie attire.

Chip: "I'd totally let her nibble around on my brains."


As we've reported many times, the LJ-World is fond of front-page animal stories (did you catch their recent report on a local alpaca farm? adorable!). But today's headline departs from the usual cutesiness in rather shocking fashion:

"Stressed out koalas dying" (LJ-World).

Chip: "I kept trying to read the article but I was crying too much."


cuddly wuddly said...

Yes, but apparently the medical term for this "stress" condition is actually chlamydia. Cuddling my ass!

koalas are horny said...

That's the new name of my local hipster band.

did steve tell you that, perchance? said...

"I'm the mother-flippin' Rhymenocerous, my beats are fat
and the birds are on my back
and I'm horny. I'm horny!"