Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nogglefest Opening Ceremonies (and other activities) / Ruscin Photo of the Week!

The hipster pick of the day is, of course, the kick-off to Nogglefest (slated for the Free State patio) but there are other events in town as well for those who didn't manage to score a golden ticket to the bacchanalia.

The football season gets underway on Saturday with this year's team seen as legitimate contenders for the Big 12 North title. And with yesterday's announcement that KU athletics would be donating 40 million dollars to academic programs, you might just convince yourself that academics are as important as sports here (depending on how many Bud Light "fan cans" you enjoy that day).

For those who prefer their competition more informal and drunken, the Student Union Activities committee will offer a few hours of lawn games outside the Stadium before each home game, allowing tailgaters to enjoy such activities as "washers, corn hole and monkey ball" (LJ-World). (Chip: "In Forttt Scottt, 'corn hole' has a different meaning, and it's usually played in haylofts.").

Also, perennial hipster favorites Ad Astra Arkestra (formerly Ad Astra Per Aspera) will be performing an unprecedented early show at the TapRoom which they are calling the "Ad Astra Drumline and Freakout Ensemble" which seems designed to allow hipsters the kind of experience they never got to witness at the Wakarusa Festival because they were always too cool to pay for a ticket and mingle with hippies.


We often associate local hip-hop with shootings at Club Axis, but a seemingly peaceful crowd gathered at the Granada last night to watch a performance by D-12 (better known as Eminem's old posse).

Ruscin's photo blog of the evening reveals that, although they may have been peaceful, the audience members still looked pretty damn tough:


One toke over the line said...

Those guys may look tough, but by the second time the doobie came around, you'd be best friends.

Free State patio is a great place to kick-off the Nogglefestivities.

Mindi said...

I was explaining cornhole to a guy named Cliff at the bar the other night and was accused of being perverse and suggestive for my efforts.

I don't think he was listening to what I said once he learned the name of the game was cornhole.

I'll stick with washers said...

With a name like "corn hole," it is a bit hard to take the game seriously.

caption! said...

"Forty seven games into it, G-Money and Loc Down still couldn't break their rock, paper, scissors tie, with each refusing to budge from picking scissors."