Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Boys Play "The Beatles Rock Band!"

The boys' controversial views on video games are well-known. Richard believes they are "not art" and Chip believes they are solely for children (Chip: "For stupid children.") But will they be won over by the eagerly-awaited "Beatles Rock Band," which hits shelves today?

Richard: "As a card-carrying elitist, I'm bothered by the democratic nature of this game, with it's assumption that anyone can become the world's greatest rock band."

Pitchfork, feeling the need to review a video game, gives it a 9.5 and explains:

"...each song gets a "dreamscape." These vignettes recycle well-worn references for each song, and none of them would make the creators of Yellow Submarine lose sleep. Covering the band's psychedelic period, they're a thin metaphor for the fact that the band was well off their tits, but they also reinforce what an insular and magical place these recordings seem to emerge from-- especially if you skip the turmoil behind the scenes."

Chip: "Exactly! This is what I've said all along. The band was 'off their tits.' 'I am the walrus?' Give me a break! I suspect the special-edition of the video game comes with LSD."

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