Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boys' Book Club / The Return of "Drunken Concert Reviewer!" / Hipster Pick of the Day

Like most of the American reading public, the boys were in line last night for the midnight release party of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol (Richard: "It's like if Indiana Jones were boring and about art."). But there's another current title that they find even more exciting: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

Yes, the boys have made no secret of their love for these classic literature meets famous monster mash-ups such as Pride and Prejucide and Zombies and Mr. Darcy, Vampyr, and this new tale promises to be one of the best yet, although Entertainment Weekly offers a few criticisms:

"For no real payoff, courteous Colonel Brandon is now a gentleman with squishy tentacles dangling from his face. And suave Willoughby is now accompanied by a defecating pet orangutan."

Richard: "Who needs a 'pay-off' when you've got a shitting monkey in your book? Isn't that pay-off enough?"

Chip: "I liked the part where the monkey was shitting."


The boys' favorite local blogger of the moment is, of course, Katy Seib.l over at www.kansascouture.com. We haven't checked in with her work in awhile, but you should continue to visit her. She's still pretty.

But this week marks the return of the on-again/off-again Lawrence.com blog called "Drunken Concert Reviewer," who's back with a provocative look at the recent show by the band Woods at the Jackpot:

"Suddenly a guy next to me starts freaking out and vibrating his entire body. His shirt says JESUS SAVES. God, I hope that's ironic, because right now music is saving him from looking like a complete fool."

Chip: "The shirt is almost certainly ironic in this instance. However, when this happens in Forttt Scottt one is usually about to start speaking in tongues."


The Lawrence.com description of today's hipster pick (Wavves at the Replay) is funny enough that we won't even follow it up with our usual snarky comments, and it should certainly make you wonder when local blogger Richard will start his own musical side-projects:

"Nathan Daniel Williams is a young San Diego blogger who specializes in covering '90's hip-hop, but his own project, Wavves, finds him dabbling in lo-fi surf punk. It's messy, noisy and lyrically unintelligible. But it's also undeniably charming--like a beach party in a bedroom--with guitars."


clyde said...

You had me at "defecating pet orangutan".

rad! said...

I think I'll skip Mr. Williams and just watch Dogtown and Z-Boys again.

Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters said...

Having a beach party in your bedroom rocks, especially if it's a nude beach party.

Forget getting rid of the sand, though. There are only two ways to deal with it: move or burn your house down and try to collect the insurance money.

monkeys monkeys ted and alice said...

"Quick, give me the names of eight movies where monkeys played a leading role." --Kicking and Screaming (1995).