Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Boys Consider Local Safety Issues / And More Zombie-Fashion Coverage!

Due to the ever-increasing number of shitfaced college students getting mugged as they stumble through the student ghetto after the bars close, student groups are pressing city fathers to construct an official well-lighted "pedestrian pathway" between KU and downtown. What do the boys think?

Chip: "I suppose it's a good idea as far as safety goes, but I do sort of enjoy the darkness when I'm hammered on the way home and suddenly feel the need to rub one out in the bushes."

Richard: "This is all well and good, but I'm far more worried about getting caught in the middle of a brawl between our sports teams than I am about being mugged."


The Replay's "Adorn of the Dead" zombie-fashion show is (deservedly) getting a lot of press in the local media. An article today offers these thoughts on zombies:

“I love the zombie theme,” says model Victoria Ashley Partridge, who will be wearing a piece by Lawrence designer Katy Seib.l and gobs of death pallor makeup. “That was the kicker. When Katy told me it was going to be zombie-themed, I said I was definitely interested. The more gore I wear, the better. They can put wounds on me. I’m kind of hoping they’ll give me a severed appendage as a prop, or maybe a bloody stuffed animal I can drag on a leash. Yeah, I like zombies.” (

A slideshow on offers a glimpse of some of the models and proves that one can indeed walk a catwalk with PBR in hand:


Mindi said...

I miss the replay. Is that your favorite fashion blogger, or do all hipsters really just look that much alike?

hipster-watcher said...

Hey, Red. All hipsters look alike with a PBR in their hand, but that's not Katy.

chip said...

Or maybe it is. Either way, I'd offer her my brains!

zombies are done...moving on to aliens! said...

Katy's doppelganger? N.ggle swoons.

i'd bang that doppleganger! said...


Mindi said...

I walked by a bookstore today and saw Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I know I'm out of the loop on just about everything right now, and I also know that Jane Austen has long been a source of parody, but what the frick is going on!?

the frankenstein in the rye said...

Just some annoying new trend to combine famous lit with famous monsters, I suppose.

I'm working on several "mash-ups" of my own, since they are all inevitable best-sellers!