Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Week in Local Fashion!

As you know, everything that happens at the Replay is both excellent and important. Look, for instance, at the photo at the bottom of this entry, which showcases a rare view from the stage outward during a recent Thin Lizzy tribute. It's fun to click on the picture to enlarge it and see how many people you know and how many PBR's you can count.

But one of the Replay's greatest recent events, a series of fashion shows featuring eccentric creations from local designers, has gotten so popular that it's moving to...Abe and Jake's. Yes, this is perhaps the first time in history that an event has been moved from hipster-central to frat-heaven, but nonetheless the Drunken Sailor Fashion Show will occur there tonight.

Richard: "I don't approve of the venue. What's next? Will the Transmittens suddenly start playing gigs down there? I mean, they might win over the fratty crowd with their cute tunes about 'sparklemittens,' but more than likely they'd get beaten about the head with a bottle of Jagermeister until they agreed to play some Jack Johnson."

Chip: "Plus, every night is a fashion show on the dance floor at Abe and Jake's. It's always been one of my favorite places to grind."

Here's a sneak peek at one of the models.

Chip: "The bunnies on her shirt suggest her fondness for screwing and the owls on her skirt suggest her hard-earned wisdom. I find the ensemble both aesthetically pleasing and boner-inducing. Also, her legs are long."

And here's that Replay photo, courtesy of the LJ-World, which featured it on the front page of this week's "progress" section as an example of booming business in troubled economic times:


love courtney love said...

How "edgy" of the photographer - take cloyingly cute hipster girl and shoot her in a crumbling urban environment in order to contrast the ironic youth(fulness) and innocence of her outfit with the stark realities of modern life. It's like "The Waste Land," 50s sock hop culture, and Courtney Love circa 1995 put into a blender. How.......

cliched. I expected more from the hipster set.

but the real question is said...

Would you bang her?

And the answer is: yes. While listening to Transmittens.

where's waldo the hipster? said...

Also, I spot at least two hipsters I know in that crowd photo!