Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's New(ish) and Coming Soon in West Lawrence / Addictions, Obsessions, and Superstitions Trivia Night at Watkins

Readers, we are mostly downtown denizens who rarely venture out to the 6th and Wakarusa area of West Lawrence.  It might as well be fucking Westeros to us, if you catch our Game of Thrones reference!  But today we consider a few new(ish) and upcoming establishments way out West.

Chip is always talking about much he loves a "big biscuit."  We always assumed it was a sexual innuendo, but perhaps he was simply referring to breakfast foods.  At any rate, he's  pretty hyped for the opening of The Big Biscuit, which has locations in KC and Independence.  It probably won't top the biscuits and gravy at the Roost (and it probably won't serve morning cocktails), but we'll sample it nonetheless.

We knew that 6th and Wakarusa had a Glory Days pizza joint and a Morningstar's Pizza (does Brady Morningstar work there, or doesn't he?) and of course the pizzas served by Johnny's West, but we didn't know there was a Johnny Brusco's pizza place out there until yesterday.  What's the verdict?  Here's one from Yelp: " We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home for Red Baron microwaveable pizza."

We also need to give Scratch Bakery a try, especially since their Facebook page is pretty cool and features some funny stuff such as this pic of Johnny Cash enjoying some cake:


A local movement is afoot (spearheaded mostly by our pal Steve) to get somebody in this town to reliably bake a good pie.  But we hear Scratch is not in the pie business (yet).

And of course we have a tendency to forget about Theatre Lawrence looming over the horizon out there in WLFK. But they are doing a play we like (Other Desert Cities) in February, so we're finally planning to give them a visit (our first since the open house).   Their current production, a Hitchcock parody called Wrong Window, is not likely to lure us out there this month.


Most of the "Burroughs 100" events this month and next are centered around the LAC, but everyone wants a piece of that sweet Burroughs action, so consider visiting our friends at Watkins Museum this Friday for a trivia night called "Addictions, Obsessions, and Superstitions."  The Watkins gang always has beer on hand, but hopefully heroin will be on sale for this one as well.

 Here's the press release:

 "Are you addicted to aspartame? Obsessed with Oprah? Superstitious about your socks? This is the trivia contest for you. To celebrate William Burroughs’s 100th Birthday, the Watkins Museum is hosting its second trivia night filled with questions about addictions, obsessions and superstitions. AOS Trivia Night will include refreshments of the alcoholic variety, snacks, and trivia with a museum twist. The topics cover celebrities, sports, authors and topics relating to Lawrence and Kansas. Build a team of up to six or compete solo for a $50 Downtown Lawrence gift certificate and a behind the scenes tour of the Watkins.

The addictions, obsessions, and superstitions themed trivia night will be held on Friday, January 24th  at 7:30pm. The cost per person is $10. Reservations are highly encouraged and can be made at reservations@watkinsmuseum.org or by calling 785-841-4109. We look forward to testing your twisted trivia knowledge!

For more information, contact the Watkins Museum at 785-841-4109 or visit watkinsmuseum.org. 


Thereman said...

So how does the Roost's Biscuits and Gravy compare to Wheatfields? That's been my go to for a while, and it's hard to imagine something better.

Anonymous said...

Roost is good because the bicsuits are so damn good, made there in house.

Anonymous said...

The Roost's are good mostly because their biscuits are so damn good (made there in house).

Anonymous said...

The Roost's are good mostly because their biscuits are so damn good (made there in house).