Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is It Art, Or Isn't It? (Local Album Edition)

Larryville singer/songwriter Charles S. McVey has a new album called Animal and the Pitch's review offers this interesting statement:

"So similar is McVey's style to FM radio rock that this may well be the one gay concept album that straight, Nickelback-loving broheims could rock to in their extended cab pickups on the way to nab some Buffalo wings and pussy."

Perhaps, but such "broheims" are unlikely to get past the album art, which "features McVey dressed as a priest making out with, and getting urinated on by, a gay porn star dressed as Jesus" (Pitch).'

Is it art, or isn't it?

Chip: "First off, we'd arrest this guy in Forttt Scottt. Second, I suppose it might be art, but is it really worth going to hell for?"

Richard: "Yeah, I suppose it might be art, but when spring is in blossom I'm less in the mood for this 'religio-homoerotic effrontery' (Pitch) than I am for the shimmery electro-pop sweetness of the Transmittens 'Meet Me at the Swings.'"

Chip: "Actually, this post has me in the mood for Nickelback, hot wings, and pussy, maybe all at once."

McVey's album release party occurs not at the jailhouse but at the Jackpot, this Tuesday, opening for Joe Ginoli of the influential "queercore" band Pansy Division.

Chip: "There's really a lot I don't know about music, isn't there? For instance, I recently asked Richard if jazz music ever had vocals. He laughed a bit at that one."


a meditation on wings and pussy said...

So am I to believe that the red-blooded men at The Pitch don't like Buffalo wings, pussy, or both? If that's a part of the Hipster Code, count me out. calls McVey's work a "meditation on faith and desire." Well, I desire wings and pussy!

Yacht Club has 30 cent wings on Wednesday...who's with me?!?!

album title fan said...

Nah, the Pitch is anti-redneck, not anti-hipster.

And I think you've just found the title for your album: "A meditation on wings and pussy."