Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Brief Assessment of the Current State of Larryville

With our new and sophisticated dueling piano bar and our elegant downtown loft living, many are worried about the "blandification" of Larryville: are we on the verge of becoming a new Power and Light District?

And with the recent wave of near-nightly knifefights, sexual assaults, and drive-bys, others are concerned that we're the new "Top City."

But the boys are more optimistic, believing that--at heart--Larryville is just as quirky and hipster-centered as ever. Let's use two of today's events as evidence.

At three o'clock this afternoon, from the rooftop of Wonder Fair Art Gallery, an art collective called Asteroid Head Art Club released a "flight capsule" (an asteroid-shaped capsule attached to balloons), which contained items such as "1 Orginal Asteroid Head Doodle Jam" and "1 Asteroid Head Fun Pack including coupons for personal services, including a night on town with Asteroid Head Art Club!" (

While Chip originally deemed the event "stupid," the following announcement quickly changed his mind:

"Free icey pops will be distributed during the launch event." (

Richard: "I hope I win that night on the town with the Club. I'll bet we'd totally go to the Replay!"

Later tonight, local electronica/metal band Baiowolf (yes, as in Scott Baio) are releasing their new VHS-only (yes, VHS-only) collection of music videos and such with a special performance at Love Garden ("Is that the place with all those fucking cats?" --Chip).

Richard: "We all know that hipsters are into vinyl over CD's, but I guess I didn't know about their VHS fixation. Also, we hope to get Baiowolf to do the soundtrack for the Harry Lupus film we're making this summer in Larryville!"

Chip: "In Forttt Scottt, we still use VHS, but it's not because we're hip. It's because we're backward."

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8mm said...

VHS? How very conventional and mainstream. The really hip hipster bands put out their ironic music videos on Betamax. The super-ultra-mega cool hipster bands? They prefer microfiche...but you do have to move the slides pretty fast to get the "video" effect.