Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Boys Check out Lake Superior State University's Annual List of "Banished Words" / Also: The Boys Consider K2: "Synthetic Weed!"

The boys try to keep their vocabularies as fresh as their fashion choices, so they always make sure to pay close attention to Lake Superior State University's annual list of overused and/or misused words.

Here are a few on the list this year:

teachable moment

Chip: "I might stop using the word 'sexting,' but I won't stop doing it. I'll just call it 'text-fucking.'"

Richard: "I too find it a pleasant diversion and one of the few legitimate reasons to text anyone. Now as for 'bromance,' I've learned a lot from Apatow's films and won't deny they've served as an influence on this blog, but I suppose it IS time for a new kind of comedy. Has anyone fully captured the hipsterism of the 00's on screen in all its glory in the nostalgic manner that Dazed and Confused nails the '70's and Adventureland captures the 80's? I don't think so, and I plan to devote much of this year to writing a screenplay about Midwest hipster culture."

Chip: "Will the film contain any 'teachable moments,' such as when the PBR-swilling hero realizes he's wasted a lot of his life at the Replay watching Transmittens shows instead of doing something to better the world?"

Richard: "Probably."


Marijuana may not be legal yet in Larryville, but the legal substance known as K2, a kind of "synthetic weed," has become so popular in Kansas recently that Republican legislators have drafted a law to ban it. K2 can currently be purchased for $15 bucks a bag at Larryville head shops, and Richard hung out last night at Quinton's with a K2 fan who spoke of his experience standing in a long line of middle-aged, middle-class men on the day after Christmas to procure it. He attributed its popularity among this particular demographic to the fact that K2 doesn't show up during drug-tests at work.

The Pitch's intrepid investigative journalists have published a nice piece in which they all get "high" off K2 and discuss its affects.

Here's an excerpt:

"As a sometimes-to-moderate pot smoker, I think K2's high is pretty comparable to the buzz you get from smoking a oney of middies... When the high set in, the world seemed to tick a bit slower, and, shit, if everything wasn't funny as hell...Best part: you know it's not blood pot from a Mexican drug cartel, like most of the brick-weed up in this city. I'll definitely smoke it again" (Pitch).

Richard: "I'm going to get my K2 on and see if Avatar is better this way! It can't be worse."


cl.thier said...

N.ggle - why skip over a nostalgic piece about the '90s?!?

Citizen Dick said...

Yeah, I almost wrote 90's there, but then I decided my personal experiences were better suited for chronicling the hipster-00's.

I leave the 90's for Cameron Crowe to revisit in a follow-up to _Singles_.

Mindi said...

Few movies make me happier than Dazed and Confused. I cannot even say why. It just does.

I just want to dance! said...

There are too many reasons to name, Red.

And the same for Adventureland (please watch, then repeat).

talkin' seattle grunge rock blues nostalgia said...

While I enjoyed Adventureland, despite her clear good looks, I quickly grow tired of Kristen Stewart's one-note sullen moodiness, at least on film. No doubt I would fall for it ad infinitum in real life. But every film, Kristen?

And wouldn't Crowe's piece have to be "pre"-Singles, if we wanted it to be a nostalgia piece? Hell, who knows how old Kyra Sedgwick is supposed to be in that film!

I believe 90s nostalgia falls to our generation, N.ggle!