Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Boys Consider TV's Newest Reality Show Sensation: "The Cougar"/ Plus, The Weekend Box-Office Report/ And A Sneak Preview of Tomorrow's Harry Lupus

It's hard to believe reality television can get more exciting than "Hot Girls in Scary Places" ("They are sooo cute when they're frightened"--Chip), but "The Cougar," premiering tomorrow night, might just become a new favorite of the boys. In this series, 20 young men vie for the love of the "cougar," Stacey, a 40-year old businesswoman and mother of four. (http://www.tvland.com/prime/shows/cougar/season1/)

Chip: "The premise seems a little faulty. Cougars are supposed to stalk young men and pounce on them. Men are not supposed to have to pursue them. Also--and I may have asked this before, but we blog a lot here and repetition is part of the humor--why is it acceptable for older women to bang young men while my and Richard's affection for sweet and nubile flesh gets us labeled 'lechers.'"

Richard: "Yeah, why can't our lust for sorostitutes gain us a cool nickname? Like 'bobcats.' We're just a couple of 'bobcats' on the prowl."

The LA-Times offers this tantalizing quote: "The presumption of sexual availability suffuses "The Cougar" more so than any reality dating show of its kind. "I'm in my prime, they're in their prime," Stacey explains to the show's host, Vivica A. Fox. "So not only is that connection outside the bedroom, but it's also inside the bedroom as well."

Richard: "Does this mean that she actually has sex with each of the guys and we get to watch? Because how can she know which younger guy is right for her unless she mounts them?(as Dr. C. would put it!). And why is this on TV-Land? I thought TV Land mainly consisted of reruns to Leave It To Beaver?"

Chip: "This is like 'Leave It To HER Beaver.' Get it?"


Tween-sensation Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana: The Movie racked up major bucks at the box-office this weekend, easily besting the competition, including what seems like the 23rd movie Seth Rogen has starred in this year.

Chip: "Enjoy the innocence while you can, children, because I predict Miley is really going to start whoring herself out in the next few years. Big-time. Possibly worse than Britney, even."

Reviews are generally mildy favorable, such as this one taken from Rotten Tomatoes:

"If you guys don't mind, I'm gonna add a little hip-hop to this hoedown," announces Miley, contributing a quote to the culture that ought to be sampled, pronto."

Richard: "Well, it's not as catchy as my failed attempt to add the term 'bitchcakes' to the lexicon, but I guess it will do for now."

Chip: "I'm using that shit at the next barn dance I attend!"


Readers, we're pleased to present a photo of Dr. X's notes for this week's installment of Harry Lupus. One day you'll only be able to see this kind of material under glass in library archives, so enjoy it here now while you can. Click to enlarge and peruse it!


Dr. C said...

Oh, I'm in for another edition of HL.

The Cougar? Almost makes me wish I had TV.

Instead, I'll just search "cougar" in YouPorn and see what comes up.

Dr. C said...

What "bitchcakes" didn't make the lexicon? Well, I'll be damned if I'll let that go quietly.

a bobcat said...

I imagine whatever pops up (!) on Youporn will be better than the Cougar reality show!

cat lover said...

I will now use "bobcat" to denote Chip and N.ggle!