Friday, April 3, 2009

Even More Women's Basketball Coverage!

Why? Because it's the hot topic in town right now prior to tomorrow's WNIT championship game in the Fieldhouse. And surely Chip's oft-noted anti-women's-basketball sentiment is an anomaly, right? Surely most of the rabid men's basketball fans can find it in their heart to show a little love for the ladies, given the fact that their own season ended at the Sweet Sixteen.

Let's look to the KU Sports website's message boards to find out.

The hot topic is this: If the women do manage to defeat the Bulls tomorrow, do they deserve their own WNIT Championship Banner hanging proudly in the Fieldhouse?

CrimsonNBlue says: "Are you out of your [censored] mind? There better not be one. Trophy in the case is fine."

WaHawk04 says: "NIT banners don't go up in AFH. Period. Like WaHawk said, trophy in the case is ok, but no banner."

jdoneg says: "A banner for the NIT in Allen Fieldhouse would be a Mizzou or K-State thing to do."

whitemagus says: "There are many ways to honor people without desecrating on Allen Field House."

billselfistheman says: "Maybe they just wont win it.

Which of these do you think is Chip's message-board moniker, dear readers? I think it's "billselfistheman."


suck it, trebek! said...

Oh come on, everyone knows that Chip's screenname is:


Chip loves that SNL skit, and he loves Self's junk - a match made in Yacht Club urinal heaven!

"I'll take Anal Bum Cover for $500."

sean connery said...