Monday, April 27, 2009

The Boys Revisit's "Style Scout" column / Plus, The LC's Band of the Week / Also, KU Baseball Breaks a Streak!

Everything in is excellent, but perhaps the boys' favorite feature is the weekly "Style Scout," in which two people on the street are photographed and interviewed about their fashion, music, and bar preferences. One of the interview question always seems to produce unusually quirky answers: "What's in your purse/pockets/manbag, etc." Here are a few recent responses: "Crystals; an eagle knife; lavender; PBR koozie; a scriber tool."

For a lark, let's find out what the boys are carrying in their pockets:

Switchblade, in case of visit to Club Axis (Richard); half-chewed log of beef jerkey (Chip); just enough cash for a Replay cover charge and 3 PBR's (Richard); journal full of hand-written odes to Quinton's waitresses (Chip); Kodiak-brand dipping tobacco (Chip); Big League Chew (Richard); flavored condoms in case of back-alley fun with drunken sorostitute (Chip and Richard); ticket stub from Hannah Montana film (Chip).

What's in your pockets, readers? Funniest answer gets a free PBR.


At the LC, we love power-pop in the springtime, and a new band is giving us just the sugary sweetness we need. That band: Tinted Windows, a veritable supergroup fronted by Taylor Hanson and featuring Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick and James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins,

Entertainment Weekly gives it a B+ and says: "It's all hook-riddled, fast, and ephemeral, and if you don't love it, your tie's too wide."

Chip: "I've always hoped that Hanson and the Pumpkins would merge, somehow. Also, I prefer this record vastly to Charles S. McVey's "Animal," and that's a nod to the readers who actually read our weekend blog material."

Richard: "My tie's too wide. Still, I hope that Cl.thier learns at least a few tunes from this before Friday."


Now that we have a ranked baseball team at KU, we've started getting front-page LJ-World stories that document its every victory. This weekend, the Hawks won their series against Nebraska for the first time since '97. The LJ-World offers this powerful bit of rapturous nostalgia: "The last time the Jayhawks defeated the Huskers in a series, 'South Park' had just debuted on Comedy Central and Bill Clinton was beginning his second term as President."

Marge Simpson: "This story begins in the unforgettable spring of 1983. Ms. Pac-man struck a blow for women's rights and a young Joe Piscopo taught us how to laugh."

Chip: "Would it kill the LJ-World to give me a single fucking front page story about KU football?"


cl.thier said...

"...a veritable supergroup fronted by Taylor Hanson and featuring Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick and James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins..."

Surely this entire sentence is a typo...

pitchfork critic said...

Our review of this album will surely be one of our own finest. IF we review it.

not a big fan of the new said...

More "Style Scout"! O, the irony of these hipsters nowadays...

Kacie Brown, barista, tea sipper, faffer

How do you save money?

"I drink PBR on the regular. Also, when you're working, you're not spending money, so I work a lot. Another benefit is that the more jobs you have, and the more people you know, the more discounts you get. I don't shop, either. Shopping is for hipsters. When all of the rich college students move out, they leave things in the alley...I love getting furniture from the alley. If I don't keep it for myself, I sell it on Craigslist. Auctions are also lovely.

How do you splurge?

"I've spent this last year saving up so I can live on Mass. Street. I just signed a lease on a loft. Now I can bike and walk everywhere."

Yeah, you're not a hipster. Your irony is lovely.

"on the regular" said...

Good stuff. I'm not sure Style Scout has ever "scouted" anyone who was NOT a hipster. Why won't they ever "scout" Chip?