Thursday, April 16, 2009

Larryville's Dueling Piano Bar Has Arrived! / Plus, Is It Art, Or Isn't It? / Also, The Boys' Book Club Returns!

Downtown's Last Call nightclub, formerly known for its Top City vs. KC gang wars, is long-gone and now filled by Larryville's first "dueling pianos" bar, The Barrel House. The boys will be visiting, of course, perhaps as soon as tonight (readers, you should come with us!). But will the place once again attract shoot-outs?

Richard: "I suspect the only gang violence at the Barrel House will be occasional re-enactments of the Jets vs. Sharks rumbles from West Side Story."

Chip: " 'When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day.' This place is going to rule!"


One of Larryville's favorite artists, Travis Millard, whose illustrations adorn the bestselling Fart: A Spotter's Guide and whose work is "featured prominently on the back porch of the Replay" (, is back in town for a show tonight at Wonder Fair called "Pizza Party, Again." offers this mysterious bit of description:

"Asteroid Head Art Club will [be] in uniform, guiding you through this experience
and in place to answer any questions you might have about this event."

Chip: "It costs five bucks. My question is: Why would people attend?"

Click on the pic to enlarge:

Chip: "Ah, hipsters, they can't see any further than their own mustaches. Not art."

Richard: "There's a Whitman-like celebration at work in what may at first seems like Millard's navel-gazing. Hipsters contain multitudes. Art."


The Obama family may have only had their Portuguese water dog, Bo, for less than a week, but the first book on the subject is slated to hit shelves next week: a children's book called Bo, America's Commander in Leash."

Richard: "Ideally, a dog should help Obama overcome some of the accusations of elitism that have always plagued him. He's got a dog now; therefore, he must be just like the rest of us. But the fact that he's got a ridiculously adorable Portuguese water dog may complicate the situation. I mean, look at that thing, would you? That thing's so cute it makes all other dogs look like common assholes!"

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cl.thier said...

"Postal Service with a twist of emo"?! So they managed to make canned Nintendo noises sound like a whiny 15 year old boy? Sign me up!