Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Further Thoughts on the Official State Rock Song of Oklahoma (Mainly a Post for Cl.thier)

We reported some time ago on Oklahoma's somewhat surprising choice of native-Oklahomans Flaming Lips' song "Do You Realize" as the state's official rock song. Although the song won by a popular vote, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to reject the resolution to make it official because bassist Michael Ivins recently appeared at the Capitol wearing a shirt feauturing a "hammer-and-sickle" Communist symbol. The state's governor is expected to overturn the House decision in a ceremony today.

But how do the good, God-fearing folks of Oklahoma (who did not vote for the song) feel about the matter. Let's check in with the talkback section of an Oklahoma paper to find out.

Charlie, from Tulsa, writes: "The Flaming Lips; their name is either taken from a porn film or is a pot-smoking reference. They stole equipment from a church to get the band started. They sing “Jesus Shooting Heroin” and about a come-on from The Virgin Mary. One member had his hand amputated due to an infection from shooting heroin. They blaspheme, use all manner of profanity, even in public, and sing about sexual lubricants. Their first album, recorded in OKC, spoke of ‘this town full of dumb f**ks’. We are about to prove their point. I’m sure they are giggling over their bongs. Do these represent Oklahoma values? We don’t think so. Obviously , the committee did not vet this group. Even without these obvious negatives, there are manifold reasons why they are not the best choice. They underscored this by wearing a communist shirt to the capitol and calling the majority of congress who opposed their selection ‘a minority of religious wackos.’ We doubt that congress even knew about the seamier side of this band. The closeness of the vote is indicative of the disinterest in this resolution. The majority of Oklahomans have not heard The Flaming Lips."

Chip: "I hope we do not choose a Charles S. McVey song as the official rock song of Kansas, but somehow I suspect that we will."


cl.thier said...

Oddly enough, I think everything Charlie says is factually correct. But, rather than complain about the winner, I'd like to know what song Charlie would want as the official rock song of Oklahoma...alas, the world of rock is filled with heroin, "blaspheme," and "sexual lubricants"...that's why it's ROCK, Charlie, and not adult contemporary or Christian music.

Some of Charlie's other choices...Elvis (no drugs there!), Three Dog Night (no drugs there!), JJ Cale (no drugs there!), Leon Russell (no drugs there!), and the All-American Rejects (no drugs there!). Good luck finding the wholesome, drug-free, dry sex, proud Oklahoma lover in that group!

okie from muscogee said...

Fuck rock.

We still wave old glory down at the courthouse. And white lightnin's still the biggest thrill of all.

Bring on the Hag!

home sweet okemah said...

I know people who have lived in Muskogee and they do in fact smoke marijuana there. They also have midgets and lesbians. Where you at now, Merle?!

wholesome rocker! said...

Don't worry, Chip, I'm pretty sure the Transmittens' song about sunflowers, "Cuddly Wuddly Weed" will pull down top honors. At least Oklahoma talkbacker Charlie can rest assured that the song is "wholesome".

she don't use jelly said...

Once we officially claim the state song, I will rule that state from inside my crowd-surfing hamster-ball!

--W. Coyne