Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Day Has Arrived: WNIT Championship in Larryville!

Chip: "Readers, I speak to you now, during the Lady Jayhawks game, from a field in Forttt Scottt, where I will spend the afternoon romping with my beagle, flying kites, and pretending that my beloved Larryville has not just spent an entire week discussing women's basketball. Indeed, it's been a hard week for us old-school men's basketball fans. For instance, I sat down this morning for a nice light breakfast of chicken-fried steak and eggs and saw this quote from the Capt. of KU Public Safety on the front page of the LJ-World: "We're running this like a men's game." I cried, readers. I won't lie to you. Let us hope that things return to normal soon, and that no WNIT banners will soon mar the beauty of the Fieldhouse."

Richard: "While it's true that the LJ-World has devoted a shocking amount of space to WNIT coverage this week, they have not neglected their usual hard-hitting news coverage. For instance, sharing equal space with the Lady Jayhawks on today's front page, is the story of 'Beans the Cat,' a local feline who took a hilarious journey to California by stowing away on a neighbor's moving truck. After a week's absence, the family and Beans were reunited."

Chip: "That cat is an absolute prankster!"

[photo from LJ-World]

But not everyone is touched by this story. On the LJ-World discussion boards, Pogo offers this: "Why was this cat running about “at large”? There is a City leash law for cats. It really needs to be seriously enforced." Then he posts a lengthy list of city animal ordinances.

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