Friday, October 11, 2013

Worthy Cause of the Weekend: Help The Dead Girls Win a New Van!

Readers, if you're like us you probably assumed that winning the title of WORLD air guitar champion in Finland probably resulted in huge cash prizes (and possibly a couple of Finnish hookers) and that Eric "Mean" Melin was holed up these days way the hell out in North Lawrence lounging around in a room full of money (and possibly a couple of Finnish hookers).

However, it was recently brought to our attention that this is not the case and that, in fact, "Mean" Melin is still driving around the country in an ugly broken-ass van full of Dead Girls.

Luckily, a contest is afoot to help them win a new van.  But the contest ends Sunday. And they desperately need your vote. 

Go here to help out and to watch a funny video starring the Dead Girls and their terrible van.

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