Monday, June 6, 2011

Gunfight at the Oread Hotel / More Press for Hospital Ships' Lonely Twin

We fully intended to head over to Hobbs for the opening night Game of the Week, but we became mesmerized at the Replay Lounge by the sounds of Blondie Brunetti. Look at DJ Dungeonmaster, who spent most of the show hopping around with his back turned to the crowd, making squiggly beats and blips on his Nintendo Gameboy.

Anyway, we trust that the opening night games went well, that beers were enjoyed, that streakers ran free, dongs a-dangle in the summer heat. (Chip: "Why do women so rarely streak?").

But it wasn't all fun and games this weekend in Larryville.

Somebody must not have been paying attention to the huge SHOUT PEACE vandalism that briefly marked the Oread, because multiple gunshots reportedly shattered the peace outside The Cave late on Saturday night. Details are sketchy at this point. We're not sure the demographic that frequents The Cave in the summer, when all the usual frat and sorority Cave-dwellers have vacated the dorms? We've never actually been privy to a typical evening in The Cave, so we're not sure what it's like down there, but we picture a sort of Roman orgy with a techno beat.

On the LJ-World talkbacks, The_Big_B beat Chip to a good punchline about the gunplay: "Spring Practice?"


Hospital Ships' Lonely Twin is out tomorrow on Graveface records and it's barely received any press at all, so we thought we'd give you all a reminder. No doubt you've already streamed it and pre-ordered your copy at Love Garden. We've memorized the Graveface site's description to use as talking points when we pick up our copy tomorrow: the record "alights in AM pop, doom rock, and dusty folk territory...File under: Midwestern Existential Fuzz-Pop" (

Richard: "Good idea, but my record collection is organized autobiographically."

Chip: "No fucking way. And aren't High Fidelity references completely unhip."

Richard: "Yes, but that one was just too easy."

Album cover (art by Michael Krueger...check out his ADD podcast with BARRR!).

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@BARRR said...

Michael Krueger did the cover art for the new Hospital Ships... you can hear his podcast over on the A.D.D. blog! or...just go back and snag it from the itunes fee!