Monday, March 23, 2009

What?! There's a New Hipster Blogger In Town!? / Plus, The Boys Consider Triple-Doubles / Also, Our New Favorite TV Show Is...

So Richard was surfing the other day (as hipsters do), and discovered a new blog there called "Drunken Concert Reviewer." Its first post recounted the author's drunken adventures at the recent local Andrew Bird concert (which Richard also attended). The blog, similar to this one, offers a satiric take on the pompous nature of local hipsters. Here's a rather lengthy part of his work:

Enter Andrew Bird, the one man symphony. The hipsters are lost in their coolness. No one is moving to the music!...

Yes, this music isn't exactly danceable, but shake your head or something. Don't just stand there! Even for his hit song, most people don't know the words. But that's alright, the violin on loop, coupled with the whistling and lyrics that speak to the soul make up for it. Now the whistling is on loops!

[six PBRs later]

Help! I'm standing in the crowd and there are people sitting on the floor behind me and I need to fart!

[two PBRs later]

There's a 3 foot radius around me. (It must be because I'm dancing.)

[end night, happy]

What do the boys think?

Richard: "First off, the fucker stole my shtick. But mine is funnier."

Chip: "I like the fart joke."

But what do local hipsters think? Judging from the talkback on his blog, they are displeased. "duplenty" says: "Matt, no one minds some drunken humor. Leave it in there. But fart jokes, making fun of everyone else in the joint, and fairly well ignoring the "review" part is...not very compelling reading."

Kansas City's Pitchweekly also seems to miss the point, believing the blog to be the work of a serious journalist who simply got too drunk to properly review the show.

The boys' hope "Drunken Concert Reviewer" sticks around and Richard may well challenge him to a blogging duel.


Cole "The Sherriff" Aldrich pulled off a triple-double in yesterday's second-round NCAA conference game, "the first official triple-double in school history" (LJ-World).

Chip: "I can't believe classes were not cancelled today to honor this achievement. Since when did athletics become more important than sports around here?"


The LC thanks their friend Beth, local reality-show expert, for turning us onto a new series. The E! Channel is set to premiere a new series called "Hot Girls in Scary Places," a reality show about three USC cheerleaders who spend the night in "haunted" places for cash prizes.

Chip: "Oh, I hope they wear tight shirts so we can see their nipples get hard when they discover paranormal 'cold spots.' This show reminds me of Scooby Doo, but without the dog and the nerdy chick and the guys."

Richard: "Easily the best idea for a reality show since 'MILF Island.' "



cl.thier said...

Was Drunken Concert Reviewer twittering that garbage in? I think he needs a lesson in using irony, as it's his most effective tool in critiquing a crowd whose form of currency is irony. Right now DCR seems to be trafficking in douchebaggery, and the blogosphere already has too many unfunny douchebags - no need for another.

The triple-double...that sounds like the mixed drink I'm soon to invent!

william h. macy said...

The Handsome Furs are going to KILL in Fargo when they play there. I mean KILL!

hepcat said...

Will there be a Cl.thier gig this week? (after basketball and Nintendo tournaments).

And will triple-doubles be served there?

I like Sports! said...

Beth: I watch crap TV so America doesn't have to.

--And I think we could very easily have Mr. Bird beaten for even trying this shenanigans!

cl.thier said...

I believe the cl.thier gig will be canceled in favor of sports. Ah, the age-old debate between sport and art. I say we bring back the gladiatorial games - the fine art of killing for sport!

replay-style said...

You should just go on at midnight!

Chip's prediction for this game: "Doomed."

cl.thier said...

Alas, the Yacht Club doesn't find the midnight start time for the first of eight bands nearly as charming as the Replay. Why, I'll never know.