Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Boys Consider the Sweet Sixteen / Plus, a New Feature: The LC's Celebrity Spotlight!

No one expected this year's ragtag band of drunken Memphis twins and elevator-flashers to make it to the Sweet Sixteen, so the town is understandably excited for tomorrow's rematch clash with Michigan State. Exciting too is the fact that it's a late-game, allowing everyone nine or so hours of uninterrupted drinking before gametime, plenty of time to reminisce about last year's march to the championship: the dancing in the streets, the camaraderie with complete strangers in bars, the sweet, sweet Mass. Street titties.

Chip: "I assume we're doomed with every game and especially this one."

Luckily, the team itself doesn't share Chip's pessimism. Coll.ns: "No one expects us to win" (UDK).


Like all good Americans, the boys are obsessed with celebrities, from the famous to the not-so-famous. And with sites like and the continous Twitter-feeds of various stars, it's easier than ever to find out who Lindsey Lohan is boning. But surely the lives of the famous are not so different from those of the boys, when all is said and done. Take, for instance, the rags-to-riches tale of Ms. Diablo Cody, from stripper to blogger to red-hot screenwriter of Juno, the current master of the teenage lexicon ("Honest to blog!"). A recent New York Times profile examines her writing process, which usually occurs in the company of her three best girlfriends:

"They change out of their work pajamas as the sun goes down and can be found at places like The Village Idiot, Pace and the Chateau Marmont."

Chip: "I doubt I'll ever have a job that allows me to wear work pajamas."

Richard: "It's what I strive for."

Chip: "I know, right?"


Dr. X awaits Clothier's manifesto! said...

Oy, have you not seen Numbers: The Armageddon yet!

All my brilliant remarks on such genius are wasted!

--And I'm thinking I can't drag myself to watch the 3D Seth Rogen fiesta this week, so I can finally bring you some remarks on I love you, man!

PS -- but as you'll notice, I'll remark here in the safety of the Chronicles. I will not engage with the dilettante remarks! For I shall be the Siskel to your gregarious Ebert! Gene wouldn't have time for endless dialogue with the peanut gallery! He'd bitchslap that ass!

I Love You, Man said...

"This is my jerkoff station."

--yes, the film elevates Bromantic dialogue to new heights indeed

cl.thier said...

I wear "work pajamas" all of the time, but I usually call them by their traditional name: birthday suit.

Dr X's Pony! said...

Awe, Cloth beat me to it.

--Hah, hear me: he beat me to it. (I read the manifesto: I like jerkoff stuff! WHEE HEE!)