Monday, March 16, 2009

The Boys Gaze Longingly at the Women of KU Calendar! / Plus, Another Look at the Pitchfork Music Festival

Here it is mid-March and the boys have yet to write very much about this year's Women of KU swimsuit calendar (they've been too busy doing other things with it besides writing). The calendar's website praises both the beauty and the brains of the women, but the writing on the website is not in itself particularly "brainy":

"The swimsuit calendar was produced in the tradition of all before it – sophistication, elegance, alluring and panache."

Still, the calendar, as usual, does not disappoint. We won't bore you here with long descriptions of which girls we want to bone the most and why (Nikki!), but there are a few of you readers who probably wouldn't mind looking at a picture and hearing Chip's thoughts about it. Let's try that.

Chip: "The hay bale imagery here is evocative of an experience that most of us Kansans find quite familiar: screwing on a soft but scratchy pillow of hay."


If a band gets a slot at the Pitchfork Music Festival, they must be hip, right? In this new series, we take a look at some of the lesser-known acts to see what makes them worthy of inclusion.

Today's band is called The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Their new album is called "Young Adult Friction."

The band showcases lovely boy/girl harmonies (always popular with the hipsters) and they have a lead guitarist named Kip (no shit!).

That alone should be enough to convince you, but let's go ahead and hear some praises from a music blog called "Losing Today," which describes their sound as follows:

"...radiant pop the kind that makes you tingle from the inside out, lovingly sugar dipped in sheens of pulse racing effervescence and to these ears sounding not so dissimilar to the kind of stuff mined for your discerning delight by the likes of imprints such as Bus Stop, Summershine and HOL / MBV era Creation while blissfully gliding about your senses like some sun soaked honey combed slice of heart string tweaking bliss pop happily being crafted by a three way collaboration between the Pastels, Velvet Crush and early career Teenage Fanclub."

Check them out at and get your ass to Chicago for their show!


cl.thier said...

So you're telling me I get one picture and NO LINK? What kind of interweb portal is this?!

That review, probably like The Pains Blah Blah Blah is cloying. I think I'll just go put on some old Apples in Stereo, Belle and Sebastian, or Beachwood Sparks and call it good. Thanks, but no thanks.

St. Patrick's Day looms large, yet no hint as to what the boys plan to do - Richard? Chip?

And I haven't seen last night's episode of Flight yet, but that has to be a Dave quotation at the top of the blog - I can just hear him saying it!

inquiring minds want to know said...

Readers want to be bored (read:titillated!) with long descriptions of which models the boys want to bone and why! Consider this a completed readers' poll (pole!).

answers to your charges said...

You know, I can only manage to link to websites in the sidebars. I don't understand why. Probably because I'm still not very technologically adept!

That's a Dave quote.

The boys have been far too drunk all week during Break to really take note of St. Patty's so far.

We'd bang that model on a haybale while discussing My Antonia (don't forget: they possess beauty AND brains).

research and development said...

I believe, like Dr. C's breakdown of best and worst places to pick up ladies, we need a blow-by-blow accounting of the Women of KU - perhaps a guest spot by the mammary aesthetician himself?

Readers demand in-depth analysis of hot women!

Perhaps the model deemed "Most Hot" can even get a cameo in an upcoming Harry installment?

cameo: word up! said...

Yes, Dr. X's installment for the week breaks down the distinctions between Harry's world and the world of the Larryville Chronicles and the "real" world. Anything is possible now.

We're through the looking glass here!