Friday, March 27, 2009

The Boys Consumer Corner: Grey's Anatomy Video Game!

If you're a true Jayhawk fan, you're already hammered right now in anticipation of tonight's Sweet Sixteen game. But in case anyone is out there reading, let's take a look at one of the year's most impressive new video games: Grey's Anatomy.

"You'll live out the most intense moments of a Grey's Anatomy crisis through your favorite characters' eyes, hands, minds and hearts. Beyond completing complicated surgical procedures, you'll be challenged with managing complex relationships and making difficult decisions, both in life and love."

Chip: "There's so much talk about advances in graphics and such, but the greatest thing about today's video games is that you can have sex in them. For instance, I'm very active in Second Life, and my avatar, Trip Snidely, is always gettin' it on. Back in the dark ages, Ms. Pac Man and her beau only shared a chaste kiss. Don't get me wrong, it still gave me a boner, but it's nothing like this Grey's-style sexiness."

Richard: "Yes, indeed, I look forward to playing McDreamy and boning my way through the game. But I'm excited for the action too. I hope they include the infamous 'ferry accident' storyline."

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grey's (female) anatomy said...

How did I miss this entry and this video game?! My head spins with excitement...