Monday, March 2, 2009

The Boys Consider Springtime in Larryville, New Music Releases, and "No Cussing Week!"

Sure, snow is on the ground now, but signs are beginning to appear which suggest that spring is on the way. Already the boys have spotted scores of sorostitutes in short shorts bouncing (Kip: "and jiggling") around campus and, if that's not sign enough, has just published its first piece of the year on kickball, which focuses on the ever-growing local popularity of the sport but primarily just includes reminiscences from various players:

"We had a metal band playing out at Hobb's Field, my brother dressed up like a dragon and ran around the field, we had explosions and fireworks, we had water balloons... We passed out hors d’ourves and beer coozies. It's summer theater." (

Chip: "This is actually even worse than theater, and I say that very rarely."

Richard: "I've decided that playing kickball is the best way to bang the quirky downtown hipster chicks who work in the book and record shops, so the LC is forming its own team this year. All we need now is a name, and I believe it will be "Harry Lupus and the Lycanthropes."


The only band that is both more popular and more boring than Coldplay returns tomorrow with a new album: U2, of course. But that's far too mainstream for our attention here at the LC. Instead, we choose to draw your attention today to a release called "Songs to Make Dogs Happy" (spotlighted today in the LJ-World's ever-riveting "lifestyle magazine" called Go). The title is pretty much self-explanatory: the record features various songs and noises to comfort man's best friend (a quick Amazon search uncovers titles such as "Squeakey-Deakey" and "You're a Good Dog" and "Scratch My Back" and "Cookies."

Chip: "I make my dog listen to the same artists I like, mainly Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Diamond." (Chipnote: "Gordon Lightfoot is playing in Topeka on March 8. I love "Ode to Big Blue" so much it's ridiculous.").

Richard: "I'm currently working on a CD titled "Favorite Hedgehog Tunes." It should be very popular locally, if not nationally."


Readers, have you wondered if young Judson King, our beloved local hedgehog activist, is the only kid playing a role in local legislation across the country? Well, he's not. In LA County this week, 15 year old McCay Hatch is taking his idea for "No Cussing Week" before the Los Angeles Board of Supervisers, who are expected to issue a proclamation urging residents to watch their mouths this week.

Chip: "Fuck that."


Anonymous said...

Richard, describing U2 as "The only band that is both more popular and more boring than Coldplay" is hilarious... and surprisingly accurate. =)

thanks said...

Yes, sometimes kernels of pure truth make their way into the LC!