Saturday, March 7, 2009

The LC Checks In With the Competition (the Kansan's "Jayplay" Weekend Guide!) / Plus, The Boys Consider the Kansas Music Hall of Fame!

We've examined, Larryville's premier hipster site, many times. We've looked at the LJ-World's weekly "lifestyle magazine" called Go. We've even browsed the often frightening local arts website, The Rathaus. But we've yet to consider the student paper's weekly guide to local nightlife, The Jayplay.

This week the Jayplay checks in with a fascinating piece on the most interesting local bar restrooms.

Yes, of course, the Replay makes the list. According to the bar's Myspace site, they have "the cleanest restrooms in town" (that's hipster sarcasm, folks!), but the Jayplay focuses not on the disgusting nature of the restrooms but on the graffiti and decor (the women's restroom has a Charlie's Angels painting?! why has Richard never been told?). The piece also includes this quote from bartender Shawn regarding the graffiti: "I like to be occupied when I'm chuckin' a deuce. The fouler the stuff on the wall, the better." (Chip: "There's something about the Replay and its denizens that is absolutely...immoral!".

The Jayplay piece also includes a fascinating bit of information regarding the urinals at Abe and Jake's. There are "peepholes" above each of them that allow one to gaze down upon the dance floor while taking a piss.

Richard: "There is something very perverse about that. Wonderfully perverse."

But what did the article fail to consider?

Chip: "I've remarked many a time upon the pristine nature of the restrooms at the local biker bar. It does not get mentioned here. And of course the most 'magical' restroom in town is at the Yacht Club, where I once caught a glimpse of Coach S.lf's crank shortly before it led him to the championship."


The annual Kansas Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony occurs tonight at Liberty Hall. Joining the ranks this year are local treasure and fiddle extraordinaire Billy Spears (catch him on Cajun night at Johnny's once a month) and blues-harp wizard Lee McBee, a man who once jammed with B.B. King.

Richard: "I can't wait until a time thirty or so years from now when the Transmittens will be inducted. Songs like 'Saturday Socks' are built to last."

Catch them at the Nebraska Pop Festival this August, as they have become too awesome to play local gigs anymore.

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