Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today in Local News: Missouri Street Will Remain Missouri Street / Plus, The Boys Book Club Returns and the Decemberists Concept Album Arrives!

The boys were all set to attend today's City Commission meeting to witness the vote on Mayor Hack's proposal to rename part of Missouri Street in honor of Don Fambrough. They assumed it would be the most exciting night at the Commission since young Judson King presented his 30-page portfolio of hedgehog information.

But Hack has now suddenly withdrawn her controversial proposal, even before the vote...perhaps at the pressure of influential Larryvillian "Boog" Highberger? Are the boys disappointed?

Chip: "Obviously, it's a crushing blow to all true Larryville patriots. I was looking forward to strutting down Fambrough Drive with my head held high. Now I'll have to continue doing as I've done for many years: avoiding the street just like I avoid the state itself."


A new work called "My Little Red Book" is currently making waves in the literary world. It's a collection of women's memories of their first menstrual period,"named in touching homage to Chairman Mao’s revolutionary manifesto" (NY-Times). The stories are compiled by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, "a soon-to-be Yale undergraduate and avid unicyclist who has been amassing anecdotes about other ladies’ “Aunt Flo”...since she welcomed her own at age 12." (NY-Times).

Chip: "Gross."

Richard: "I prefer The Vagina Monologues."

NY-Times: "...original yet universal, artistic yet practical, and likely to sell briskly for centuries to come."


Sure, if you're a hipster you've already downloaded some choice cuts from the Decemberists' concept-album Hazards of Love by now. But the album itself officially "drops" today, allowing us to hear this tale of lovers and rakes for the first time in its full glory.

Pitchfork gives it a 5.7 and says: "Pedal steel cries alongside swaying accordion on "Isn't it a Lovely Night?", with a precious post-orgasm (post-Pete & the Pirates?) pun... Meloy's voice is at its vulnerable best on the trembling meadow-makeout ballad "The Hazards of Love 2 (Wager All)". I can take the undead children chanting on "The Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!)", but not the watery wedding vows on the drunken finale."

Richard: "I don't think there's a hipster alive who doesn't love a nice meadow-makeout ballad."


Team Sayid said...

The Decemberists are coming to KC soon. Oh, and hipster or non-hipster, who doesn't love a good meadow makeout ballad?!

hipster field trip said...

Oh, let's hope they perform the new album in its entirety.

Afterwards, we'll retire with some hipster chicks to a nearby meadow and do what comes naturally.

sme said...

Social media enthusiasts unite!

Dr. C said...

FYI--my company is currently advertising for a social media marketer/writer. The pay ain't great, but it's a full-time job working on FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

old school said...

I can barely Twitter, myself, but this job sounds right for Chip.

sme said...

I love social media! Didn't you see my most recent comment?! Finally, a job right up my socially enthusiastic aisle!