Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Harry Lupus Returns / Plus, Chip's Hipster Joke of the Week!

Although the exploits of Harry Lupus have alienated several of the LC's fans, his journeys continue each Wednesday, and some of us find them far more amusing and erotic than anything that pussy Harry Potter ever did!

When last we saw Harry (in an eventful installment penned by Cl.thier) he had just been clocked on the head by a vicious East Side Lycanthrope after witnessing the legendary werewolf cheerleader-orgy, rumors of which had long swirled around town. Where does today find him?

"Harry awoke, tied to a chair in the lair of the Lycanthropes. Muffy was next to him, similarly tied, and despite their predicament, Harry found his thoughts turning to the erotic sights he had so recently witnessed. "Muffy," he asked, "How long have you been muff-diving with those cheerleaders? I demand you tell me, very slowly, and in great detail."

Stay tuned for future installments, readers, which will be penned by Drs. X and C and likely be the raunchiest things yet witnessed here.


Chip: "What do hipsters eat for St. Patrick's Day? Green eggs and Hamm's! Get it? Hamm's beer!"

[the "green eggs and Hamm's' special is actually being promoted in KC bars...but Richard will opt for local PBR, which always tastes 'green'!]

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the ladies man said...

That Harry...always thinkin' about the ladies! I like where your head's at, Harry!