Friday, March 20, 2009

The Boys Consider Presidential Blunders and "Bromance" Films!

Like everyone else in America, the boys are engrossed with their NCAA brackets for the next few weeks (Chip picked North Dakota over KU), but let's take a quick look at Obama's appearance on Leno last night, apparently the first time a sitting President has appeared on one of the late-night comedy shows. In an off-the-cuff statement that immediately created controversy and led to an Obama apology, the President referred to his weak bowling skills as being "like the Special Olympics or something." What do the boys think?

Chip: "I think people must have misunderstood the remark. All he did was say that he bowls like a retarded kid. And that's very funny."

Richard: "I'm less bothered by the remark than by the fact that he chose to mingle with the middle-brow Leno, the tamest and dullest of the late-night crew whose antics are mainly useful in helping old people go to sleep."


While the boys are not fans of many new cinematic trends, such as "franchise reboots" and "torture-porn," they do love a good "bromance," the new male-centered take on romantic-comedies that are focused on the homosocial bonding between "dudes." This weekend brings a new one: I Love You, Man.

Chip: "Yes, I love seeing these films with my male friends, but we always make sure to leave one empty seat between each of us, so as not to give anyone any wrong ideas."

The New Yorker offers some surprisingly rapturous praise of the new film, stating that it "brings out a far stranger and more specific current of underlying discord, regarding the isolating comforts of prosperity, the fault lines of friendships, and the murky depths of what passes for love," ultimately leaving one with an "aftertaste of the haut-bourgeois blues."

Richard: "All this is well and good, but I'm in it for the boner jokes!"

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