Monday, March 30, 2009

The Boys Consider Local Violence / Plus, Keeping Up with Local Anarchists!

With shooting incidents occurring outside both the Hawk and Club Axis in the past week, Larryville residents are understandably concerned about their safety from firearm-wielding thugs (many of whom, according to LJ-World talkbackers, probably come from nearby "Top City"). But here at the LC, we believe the bigger danger is not guns, but knives.

Let us consider some of the area's more prominent knife fights. They entered the local consciousness a few years back with former KU star JR Giddens' much-publicized slash-up outside the now defunct Moon Bar, which then became Club Axis, where a recent incident of "road rage" led to another knife battle outside the 6th Street Burger King, one block from the Jet Lag Lounge, also home to a fairly recent stabdown. This past weekend the knife-action moved to the far Eastside, at Set Em Up Jack's. Are the boys scared?

Richard: "I've started carrying a knife myself and I'm not afraid to cut a motherfucker."

Chip: "It's almost enough to make one start hanging out at the hippie bars. Almost."


Larryville's home to local anarchists, the Solidarity Revolutionary Center and Radical Library, has now relocated to a spot near the Sandbar.

Chip: "I'm not happy about this. At the Sandbar, we like to listen to Jimmy Buffett and drink Bahama Mamas and watch fake hurricanes and not worry ourselves about the economy and such. Now we'll probably get stabbed."

Richard: "Word on the street is that the anarchists are forming their own kickball team."


Dr. C said...

Chip, take heart: Anarchy is another word for "Free Love." As long as you hide your logos so you don't look too much like The Man, you're not likely to be bayonetted. After you get turned down by the sorostitutes, perhaps you can get lucky with an agitatrix. And I'll bet some of 'em are pretty hot under those shapeless robes they wear to keep off the hegemonic male gaze.

Just don't loan 'em any books.

agitatrix said...

Dr. C, that's the word of the day, and we anxiously await your Lupus installment!

cl.thier said...

It seems to me that anarchists would find it rankling to play games with such strict "rules" - they seem more of the "tennis without a net" crowd, to quote Frost. But then again, perhaps they gravitate towards an "organic form" promoted by my boy, Robert Duncan. Still, I can't see getting called "Out!" by an "umpire" (read: The Man) sitting too well with a bunch of anarchists, especially not ones all hopped up on PBR!

cl.thier said...

Oh yeah, if anyone happens to see my agitatrix laying around, could you please return it to me. I'm lost without her, not to mention, she can't go very long without my hegemonic gaze.


Just one more day to the next installment of Harry Lupus - I can only imagine this is what Dickens' readers felt like, waiting for each new installment of the Pickwick Papers...great company indeed, Harry!

dickens said...

We strive for a Dickensian feel. But with more dick jokes!

Dr. C, bring us some Harry action!