Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Week In Local Sports: KU Women's Basketball in the Final Four (WNIT); Olympic Village On the Way? / Also: Debate Team Champions!

Sure, they've only had a single road victory since Christmas prior to the tournament, but the KU women's basketball team have (somehow) reached the Final Four of the women's NIT tournament. During last night's victory against New Mexico, the crowd "turned ugly, often booing the referees and throwing ice, small objects and trash on the floor afterward." (LJ-World)

Chip: "I try to be careful what I say about women's basketball, because I once got slapped at Quinton's due to a reference to 'horses' and 'rollerskates,' but just look at that behavior noted above. They have tainted a beautiful sport."

In other news, KU is planning to construct a $24.6 million "Olympic Stadium" for track-and-field and soccer and such. Chancellor Hemenway, defending the plan, points out that newspaper do not have a "poetry page" but they do have a sports section, because that's what people want (LJ-World).

Richard: "I suppose he's right, but I think the new Olympic Village could be used as well to promote interest in poetry, perhaps by having teams of poets fight each other, not just with words, but with fists. And possibly with sticks."

And in other news, the KU debate team has won the national championship for the first time in 26 years.

Chip: "Boring."

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