Sunday, March 29, 2009

The LC Checks Back in With Their Favorite New Local Blogger, The Drunken Concert Reviewer! / Plus, The Boys Celebrate "Earth Hour!"

Last week we introduced you to a new blogger at who is plowing the same fertile ground as the LC in his sarcasm-drenched consideration of local hipster culture. After his first post was taken to task as being "too drunken" by hipsters oblivious to irony, he calls his new post a "sober concert review" of last week's Handsome Furs/Dri show at the Jackpot (but you heard about that show here first, readers!).

Drunken Concert Reviewer rates each show in terms of music quality and level of his drunkeness: for example, the Furs show gets a 2 out of 10, meaning he only had two beers (Chip: "But what if he drinks more than ten?). It's a somewhat amusing rating scale, but we at the LC still believe our own patented PBR rating-system to be more hilarious and appropriate.

Drunken mostly plays it safe this week, perhaps intimidated by the tough hipster talkback of last week, but he does take one great shot at an unnamed local band in town:

"One band [in Larryville] keeps playing the same songs from their 2004 album – which happens to be their only album. Hey you guys! Play some new stuff, will ya?"

Richard: "Ten bucks says that particular local band will read his blog on and post something snarky in his talkback within the week. But don't back down Drunken Concert Reviewer! We support your work!"


Last night, cities across the world celebrated "Earth Hour," dimming "non-essential" lights in major cities to show support for the fight against global warming. Did Forttt Scottt participate?

Chip: "A) we didn't know about it, and B) Dog the Bounty Hunter was on at that hour."

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