Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Boys Consider a New Trend in Theatre: Films Becoming Plays!

We're all quite comfortable with the idea of theatrical productions being translated into film, but what about the reverse? Last year an opera based on Cronenberg's remake of The Fly buzzed onto the LA stage. Next year, Spiderman will swing onto Broadway in a major production (with lyrics by Bono, of course!...who better to undertstand the notion that with great power comes great responsibility?).

[we hope you enjoyed those newspaper-y wordplays, dear readers!]

But another film is hitting stages closer to home. KC's Late Night Theater Company, performing at the Westport Coffeehouse, is in the midst of an open-ended Monday night production of The Breakfast Club. The Pitch discusses the history of the theatre company:

"Megee and his Late Night Theatre crew spent years staging pansexual burlesques of such movies as Valley of the Dolls and The Bad Seed, titty-twisting the scripts, and smashing the fourth wall so often that you had to thank God it wasn't load-bearing." (Pitchweekly)

Apparently, this production continues in a similar vein: "After the show, the crowd is invited onstage to dance to Simple Minds, scribble on the desks, hang with the cast and feel a part of something bigger." (Pitch)

Chip: "When I go out for a night at the theatre, I prefer to remain safely in my seat and for the actors NOT to interact with me. Perhaps it's just the way I was raised."

Richard: "There's almost no question that I'll be on that stage some Monday in the near future, writing 'Nog Was Here' on the desks. 'Smoke up, Johnny!' The future of theatre is at hand."

Chip: "I hope that Paul Blart: Mall Cop becomes a play next."

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cl.thier said...

I'd like to amend the latest slogan...

"If it's (C)hip, you heard it here first