Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet Sixteen Wrap-Up

The Jayhawks have ended their run in the NCAA tournament, meaning that the boys are unlikely to see bare breasts on Mass. Street in the coming weeks (unless they stay late at Quinton's some Tuesday).

But surely local fans are satisfied by a solid tournament performance from such a young team?

Chip: "I bonded with Self at the Yacht Club. I saw the man's penis at the urinal. I'm surprised he let me down."

And what are the LJ-World on-line "talk-backers" having to say today?

[actual comments]

Marlboro_Man2 (Anonymous) says…: Yeah, good season, but Aldrich still played like a little b!tch last night! Get some heart and we'll see you next year. Maybe next year we will play like we actual want it."

Lawrenceman40 (Anonymous) says...: "Self lovers, enjoy watching Mizzou play for a place in the Final Four. Self should be fired today."

jimjones (Anonymous) says… : "We have to fire Bill Self; we should do it this weekend."


Dr. C said...

If I may, I do think Self showed some weakness in coaching on Friday night. When Tom Izzo called a timeout, the Spartans scored. He knew how to manage his team and coach them to run plays. That was the difference in the stretch.

But Self will grow and hopefully learn.

The moral of Friday night is not Self should be fired. The moral is: if you love something, it will break your heart sooner or later. No matter who's coaching.

And at least they made most of their free throws, unlike when they were under Williams.

LJ-world talkbacker said...

Rip his fucking head off!

--it's the only feasible solution